Friday, May 10, 2019

A Medical Update

Today I continued my week-long pursuit of medical care.  I'm seeing everyone I need to see, then plan to forget about them for 364 days.  Medicare gives me an annual wellness visit every 365 days, so I'll be back in the office next May.

Today, I went for a medication review and found that it was time for my annual review.  As with all government programs, Medicare is awash in paperwork. 

Am I afraid of falling?  Of course, who isn't?

How much strenuous exercise can I do without stopping for 2 minutes?  A moderate amount, I suppose.

Do I have someone to help me if I need it?  How often do I feel sad or lonely?  Do I have a living will?

These are not questions designed to make you feel young.

The geriatrician agreed with the gynecologist that tripping on my own shoelaces was evidence of klutziness but did not count as a fall for Medicare's purposes. 

We discussed retiring doctors (she's young and in debt; she's mine for life)  and DEXA Scans (she's in favor of gathering information; if the results warrant it, we'll have a conversation), and TBG's bromance with his soon-to-retire physician (yes, she'll be happy to treat my husband, as long as he is as much fun as I am.)

I got my second pneumonia vaccine, had blood drawn, and drove home to inform TBG that he'd better work on his schtick.

TBG's gift to me - the cold from Hell - is being treated with the over the counter medications the doctor and her resident had independently suggested.  It was nice to have a cold treated by two professionals.  Now, even though my head is about to explode and breathing is a fondly remembered skill, I am confident in the fact that I'm doing what I can.

Good medical care.  What a privilege to be able to partake.

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