Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Babysitting Giblet

Today’s the day.

Yesterday, we went to Mayor Pete’s campaign headquarters, took ourselves out to lunch, and ran between the raindrops.  I explored Mishawaka (isn't that a great name for a city?) on my way between Whole Foods and Notre Dame, came home and made dinner, played HQ and watched Golden State until way too late at night.

Today, we're keeping the little man out of day care, looking forward to a bonding experience.  As you're reading this, he's eating or napping or playing in the playroom.  He might be taking a bath - the "if all else fails" option because he loves to splash.

Little Cuter left us a list.  Like most second children, his schedule is less rigid than his older sibling's was.  After all, he joined a party already in progress and had to learn to get with the program.  It helps that he is the happiest kid on the planet, willing to go along to get along.

Before we left Arizona, TBG declared that getting to know Giblet was his primary mission.  Spending a whole day with him should give him that opportunity.  Paying close attention as his daughter outlined the routine, he chimed in with the next piece before she could write it down.

He's been paying attention since we got here; I've been ignoring it entirely.  I pitch in when asked, but mostly I've been watching my husband do all the things he missed while he was out earning a living.  He is delighted by the minutae.  He revels in the little things - which spoon to use (it really doesn't matter), what foods to serve (if he hates it, try another), when to be where and why.

I did that.  I don't miss it.

He didn't.  He does.

And so, in retirement, he can recreate pieces of his young adulthood which slipped away while he worked 60 hour weeks.  I will take pleasure in his joy as I watch from the couch, reading my book, writing tomorrow's post, going to Costco while the oldest and the youngest males in the family bond.

What goes around comes around.  I'm so glad to be here to see it

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