Thursday, March 22, 2018

Happy Spring

I'm sorry. Really, I am.
I am truly sorry that people from Indiana to Maine will be snowed in at they read this on the third day of Spring.  It's just not right.

I understand that you "like the four seasons" and think that you'd miss the snow.
 Look out your windows right now. Are you happy? 
April is just around the corner.  Pink is in the forecast... if you, like FlapJilly, have a pink parka.
My plants and I invite you to visit the desert Southwest. The temperatures are in the 70's and there's a gentle breeze moving the sweet smelling air around.
This is Spring in The Desert.


  1. Cruel! You're cruel! Kidding, just kidding. I frequently post pictures of the wonderful blue skies and the lovely cactus for my friend in the soggy north west to enjoy. Your pots are looking very nice.

    1. I know.... I know.... but they are so deluded, living in the ccccccold and wet and grey :-)

      The pots are very happy with this unseasonably cool weather and the fact that I remember to fertilize them!


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