Thursday, March 8, 2018

Random Thoughts on Green Beans

Or do you call them string beans?  Louisiana State University tells me that there is no difference between green beans and string beans and snap beans, and I choose to believe them.
Daddooooo's mother called them Lindy's.  Charles Lindbergh was a big deal when my dad was a child, and some pieces stuck to the family into the 1950's. 

Oh, are you too young to make the connection?  Lindbergh was tall and skinny and a national hero.  Advertisers attached his name and face to everything.

She boiled them.  Unless Lindy had really bad posture, Sthe ones she brought to her table bore very little resemblance to their namesake.

String beans are among the foods I can cook on a consistent basis.  For this, alone, I love them.

I don't like any other kind of beans.  I prefer my chili without them.  I ask for more salad or rice instead of refried on the side.  FlapJilly chows down on black beans while I stare in wonder.  It's the texture that gets to me.
This all comes from a conversation at the Whole Foods checkout counter this afternoon. 

The cashier re-weighed the bag of green beans.....My fourteen green beans, I laughed.... and the bagger laughed, too. 

My Mom does the same thing.

It's comforting to know that I am not the only person who, annoyed at leftovers, began to count the number of beans she and her spouse consumed at dinnertime. 
I bet you didn't think I could get an entire post out of an innocent green vegetable. 

Neither did I.

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