Thursday, March 29, 2018

Random Quotes and Thoughts from Moms Demand Action Lobby Day

The podium was in the sunshine.  The rest of us had our choice.  I love living in the desert; large group meetings held outdoors, where the comings and goings take place over grass beneath the bright blue sky.  The temps were in the 60's when we started, and hit the low 70's when I left.  Spring in the desert makes lobbying feel like a vacation.
Rep. Daniel Hernandez, sporting bright orange socks, exhorted us to contact everyone.  He received 300 emails in one day from the other side.  It's important to continue to make our voices heard.
Sen. Steve Farley represents my District.  He's also running for Governor.  
He told us that the gun lobby is scaring people.
Once again, making our voices heard was the theme.
Sen. Kate Brophy McGee thinks that the legislature may be close to passing gun safety legislation.  The Democrats hate parts of it.  
The Republicans hate parts of it.
So, I think we're almost there!
Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone is my new favorite public official.
Public Safety should never be a partisan issue

Law enforcement must be proactive..... with 3 priorities:
public safety
public health
public education

There is never a time when protecting our Constitution is more important than protecting our children. 

We cannot continue as we have, thinking of our children as collateral damage in defense of the 2nd Amendment.
I was inspired.
In it for the long haul.
Off to write an email to an elected official.

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