Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Where's Ivanka? - A Snippet

I won every hand at cards today.  There were only three of us and the games were fast and furious.  There was a lot of shuffling and counting and dealing and even more conversation.  We're all on the same page, politically, so you can imagine where we meandered as we perused our hands.

Men behaving badly, politicians behaving badly, voters behaving badly - we had no patience for any of it.  We were laughing and crying and shaking our heads.

Where's Ivanka in all of this?

Someone asked it.  There was silence.  Then we all started talking at once.  Complicit. Absent.  Selfish. 

Not one of us thought she was standing up for women.  Not one of us thought she was tweeting #MeToo.  Not one of us thought she ought to be where she is.

And then I was sad, because this is a moment she could seize and make her own, a space in time unlike any other, where those previously silenced are now shouting from the rooftops.  I hate to see anyone waste an opportunity.

I guess Complicit is where she will have to remain.



  1. She might be like her father more than it shows with that pretty face. The thing is who would expect her to betray him for political causes?

    She is Orthodox Jewish by choice and that's the conservative side of Judaism (from what I know).

    I find it depressing that she's being attacked even while I understand that those who want to destroy Trump know it's through his family where he's most vulnerable. Just sad as she may be hoping to get him to be more open to benefits for children, etc., but he's not the only one with a say-- in fact, he has no legislative powers at all other than persuasion. It was though like some attacked Chelsea in the 90s. Or also Amy Carter. Politics is a hard cruel world-- amazing anyone wants to go into it especially at the highest level.

    1. Chelsea and Amy were children, and were treated poorly and it was a shame. They didn't run for office; they were there by circumstance. Ivanka sits at an official desk in the White House. That makes her silence open to interpretation.

      She's a gorgeous grown up and, from someone who knew her peripherally, unaffected and friendly and prompt. The Orthodox have so many branches it's hard to tell where the Kushners land on the spectrum. Some of the most radical people I knew in the late 60's early 70's were Orthodox Jews.


  2. I just seem expecting Ivanka to dominate her father is ignoring how our own families operate. I think she hoped to help but she might be regretting going there considering the troubles that have followed in our partisan world where our side is okay no matter what they do and the other side wrong. Chelsea has profited greatly from her parents and seems to be gearing herself up to run for something as she comments on everything... oh joy, another clinton ;)


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