Monday, November 6, 2017


Seret took me to the Structural Objects Functional Art and Design Fair on Navy Pier .
Visiting art with an artist .... I was in heaven.
In no particular order, here are some of my favorites.

Tableware was on display in all shapes and colors.
I stared at these curves, marveling at the handles and the spout .
This set was made out of paper.

There were a series of faux grade school reports.
This was my favorite.

Portraiture had a big presence, with faces created in three dimensions.

These little guys were part of a larger set which came from Korea.

There were MFA students presenting a project representing light and space.
It's pool noodles over bent metal.
I'd have bought it were they selling it.

These little glass teapots live encased in glass.
There were several iterations the theme, but these were my favorites.

He's carved from wood.
I know.  He looks real.  I almost spoke to him.

The work with glass stopped us in our tracks.

I imagined this as a pair of sconces.... very expensive sconces.

The insides of these gondolas were all different.

These are look open don't they?  
In fact they are shaded glass and flat.

The photo doesn't do justice to the depth of the paint on the canvas.
It looked like it was lots of fun to create.
I wanted to try it, myself.

This is called Industry.
I think it's a phallic submarine.

The woodcarvers' guild was well represented.
This is so delicate, it looked like it was about to float away.

At the end of a long aisle, there was this:
and this:
I couldn't stop giggling.

These sculptures were shimmery, lifelike, intricate, and filled with history and culture.
I spent quite some time communing with Hanuman, my favorite monkey.

There was a gallery filled with instruments in every color imaginable..
The gallery lighting made photography a challenge, so here are some close-ups.

And then there was this, the first thing we saw when we walked in.
It was a wonderful afternoon.
We wished we had unlimited funds.
We'd have brought all of this home, and more.

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