Friday, November 3, 2017

Old Friends

We've known the groom since playgroup, in the early 1980’s.   The bride is a new and worthy addition to our crew.  Their nuptials this weekend are a lovely coda to our annual Halloween With FlapJilly Adventure; it was kind of them to schedule it so conveniently.

TBG and I will take the train from South Bend to Millennium Park in Chicago, avoiding driving through the toll road and Stony Island and city traffic. We qualify for the Senior Fare; round trip travel will cost less than a tank of gas.  Public transit makes me smile. 

The affair is in the Loews Downtown Chicago; we’ll travel by elevator from our room to the party. That’s a perfect commute. No need for a hat or gloves or a coat to defend my black tie outfit from the elements.  With a few alterations, TBG’s tuxedo Now looks quite study; we haven’t gotten this dressed up in a long time.

One of the advantages of old age combined with bullet wounds is the right to wear flats. Black patent comfort will complement my fancy strapless dress and glittery jacket. I broke out the onyx jewelry which I reserve for special occasions, although I debated bringing G’ma’s rhinestones. The drippy dangle earrings were heavy on my earlobes when I wore them while packing.  If I couldn’t bear them for an hour I decided not to torture myself for an evening.

Glamour, glitz and comfort.  It’s going to be a perfect weekend.


  1. Well, that sounds about perfect. I like the elevator commute as well as taking the train in to the city.

    1. Sitting on the train right now; let the adventure begin!


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