Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween At FlapJilly's House

Our Tucson neighborhood does not measure up to the minimal standards of Halloween-ing.
There are no decorations.
There are no trick or treaters.
There is no candy waiting patiently on doorsteps for random requests.
And so, TBG and I travel to the midwest for our fix.
Little Cuter and SIR have the best house.
I stayed behind to man the candy station, while the kids and the husband and the pooch took off to acquire sweets and share the joy.

There was a slow and steady stream of littles
and bigs.

The need for a coat was overwhelmed by their need to show off the costumes.
I was more than happy to share my fire pit.

Some came in wagons, holding tight to Moms and Dads.

Some were happy to be terrifying all by themselves.
The strangers were wonderful, it's true, but those I knew were even better.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg rolled the streets of Northern Virginia
and Wonder Woman protected the home front with style and panache.
All the love, all the joy, all the smiles warmed me more than the fire pit or the five layers of clothes I was wearing.  


  1. Daylight trick o treating? That's a new one for me. No one here comes out until it's really dark.

    1. The city mandates the hours - 5 to 7 - for safety. It was fine for the little ones, and the tweens didn’t seem to mind, but I have fond memories of being out after dark.

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