Monday, December 19, 2016


The plane starts boarding at 5:30am.

Yes, 5:30 in the early early morning.  That's just under 2 hours before the sun rises in Mesa, and Mesa is where the plane will be.  Unfortunately for us, Mesa is almost 2 hours away from our home.

It's almost not worth it to go to sleep.

We investigated using our Marriott points to stay at the Courtyard around the corner from the terminal.  But, alas, the days of stay-and-park-for-free seem to have disappeared along with the leg room in coach class.  By the time we got done with the fees, the free room wasn't so free any more.  

So, we set our alarms for 3am.  We'll be on the road by 3:15 and parked in the long term lot with plenty of time to meander through the outdoor concourse to our gate. I'm trying to avoid considering just how tired I'll be; TBG's shoulder is the right height for my sleeping head, and the three hours to South Bend will be just enough for me to catch the rest of my 40 winks.

Everything is shipped, except the last bit of winter clothing which didn't fit in the under-the-seat bags we're allowed for free.  I'll drop it at the post office after I stop at the bank and the grocery store; we need snacks for the plane.

I'm going to try to avoid thinking about anything too serious for the next two weeks.  I'll be sharing the love, though, never fear.  Now, it's time to do the errands and contemplate sleep.  


  1. Safe travels! Enjoy your family - snuggle, read and adventure!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing pics.

    Happy Holidays!

    Megan xxx


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