Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A course in manners was needed, or so her parents thought. 

Standing in front of the pantry while yelling M&M’s PLEASE!!!! at the top of her lungs was not to be rewarded. And so, they began to work on Excuse me. 

She’s a fast learner, my delightful granddaughter. As her parents made sure to use the phrase at every possible moment, she figured it out rather quickly. Pleasing the grown-ups is FlapJilly’s favorite pastime; their smiles and congratulations on her polite asking brought joy to everyone. 

But, would the work done in private translate to a social situation? She’s often a little shy when there are others about, especially if some of them are men with great big loud deep voices. Would she be brave enough to interrupt when others were watching?

The question was answered last Sunday. After a grueling weekend spent removing the old roof from the new house, Daddy and Papa and Uncle were sprawled on FlapJilly’s couch, recuperating, paying minimal attention to anything but their aches and pains. The tv was showing a sporting event of some sort; no one was paying much attention. The conversation was desultory. 

In strolled the little one. Gently, quietly, respectfully, she placed one tiny hand on her grandfather’s knee. Excuse me, Papa. I want some M&M’s, please

Adorable, right? Perfect parenting, right? Imagine it with the please pronounced Peesh and the joy is complete. 

Yes, my dear. You may have all the M&M’s in the land. Polite behavior is always rewarded. 

We’ll be there on Monday. I can hardly wait to be interrupted.


  1. I think if we teach our children anything, manners is one at the top of the list (besides being kind). Manners are so important to us that it's the one thing we worked hard on --even with sign language. I can see FlapJilly saying it too. So darn cute.

    Please post lots of pictures.

    Megan xxx

    1. There's a great video of FlapJilly and the Advent Calendar - she's signing more more more more more as SIR explains the "one a day" concept. I think adding sign to babies' lives is the most brilliant parenting innovation. And manners count. I am not surprised that they were on the top of YOUR list, too.

  2. To be fair- girlfriend knew EXACTLY what she was doing. It was not the time for chocolate but she put on her "I'll get anything I want with this adorable smile" face on and headed right to the proper audience ;)

    1. And I can hardly wait to be wrapped around another of her little fingers.... and don't even get me started on Grandpa's need to acquiesce to every polite request!


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