Friday, December 16, 2016

I Could... But I Won't

I could go off on a rant about the foxes guarding the hen houses in the proposed Trump Cabinet, leading off with one of the questions his transition team asked the Department of Energy:
Which programs within DOE are essential to meeting the goal of President Obama's Climate Action Plan?
but, I won't.

I could rant about whether I should validate and verify the information, but it came from NPR and I'm choosing to believe that they are not purveyors of Fake News, but I won't.

I could scream at the rafters that WORDS MATTER, but I won't.

Instead I will relish the fact that on Monday afternoon I will have the world's sweetest grandchild snuggled in my lap...or chasing me around the house.... or bringing me a book or six to read.
Have a wonderful weekend, denizens s.


  1. They are unlikely to follow Obama's plans in any arena as that is what the ones who voted for him believe is wrong with what we're doing. One soothing aspect is that the Secretary of State guy, from Exxon, has said he believes we may be impacting climate change; so we shall see. Nobody though should be surprised at anything Trump is doing as he ran on it. It's why many of us, those who weren't upset by him personally, did not vote for him. The ones, who did, expect just what he's doing-- drain the swamp, stop illegal immigration, and bring back jobs. Bringing in outsiders, like himself, fits that goal. We shall see how that works-- hopefully not too painfully...

    1. I'm still waiting for the outsiders (beyond Tillerson). It seems heavily weighted toward Goldman Sachs alumni (a bit of irony not lost on me) and DC insiders. As for Exxon and climate change, Tillerson was at the helm when Big Oil did what Big Tobacco did - began to impugn the science. And with the head of the EPA a climate change denier, I don't have much hope for "not too painfully"

  2. I have zero hope for "not too painfully." We'll miss clean air and clean water. The hedge fund guys are licking their chops, waiting for Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac to be released to them. Trump will profit from that, as well. Everywhere I look I see disaster befalling this country. It's a good time to be old.


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