Friday, December 9, 2016

A Vacation Day

I'd call in sick, except the Burrow prints only the truth.

My truth, right now, is that I need a break.

I'll be back on Monday, refreshed and ready.

Have a wonderful weekend, denizens.


  1. Have you been watching Designated Survivor? It's about the single survivor of the state of the union address. The capitol blew up. Keifer Sutherland is doing a good job as the newly sworn in president who everyone thought had no spine. It has replaced NCIS as my favorite program.

    1. Did he grow a spine, Allison? We watched until we couldn't stand it any more; he whined and his wife bucked him up. Should we try it again?

    2. I think he does. The character went from overwhelmed to accepting the position and now defending it against the evil woman who I believe is House Speaker. I just can't bond with the two new cast members of NCIS. Losing Tony just killed that show for me.

  2. Enjoy your break! You deserve it!

    Megan xxx


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