Monday, December 5, 2016

A Snippet - On Willful Ignorance

My favorite Facebook meme -
 In the interest of maintaining my sanity, I'm choosing to be uninformed.
I've steered away from the President-Elect because it's December and I can immerse myself in elfing. I try to avoid anything that will burst my Holiday Celebration Tour bubble, from toxic relatives to toxic soon-to-be-elected-officials. But just now, watching ABC's World News Tonight's opening headline reel, I was both informed and smiling.

Obviously, I came to The Burrow to share it with you.

The Army Corps of Engineers will deny the Dakota Pipeline a permit and maybe, just maybe, the Water Protectors can go home for the winter.   There's a terrible fire in an artist's warehouse in Oakland; families are desperate for contact as firefighters sift through the wreckage.  I forget what the third story was but then, the fourth story, was the President-Elect's Twitter Tirade (their headline, not mine) with this image behind the verbiage:
Not a photo of the President-Elect acting Presidential.
A photo of an actor acting Presidential-Elect.

I thought that not watching the inauguration was another boycott designed to do nothing, to make me feel good about doing something which would, ultimately have no effect at all, that it was Mr. Trump stealing my American experience from me.  But now, still feeling the buzz from the fact that a vetted, responsible, news source with editors, chose to use a clip from Saturday Night Live to represent the incoming President, I'm thinking that maybe they have a point.

The man tweeted.
He watches.
He cares.
I can't get to him any other way.


  1. I would like to see the media refrain from notice of any tweet from Mr. T that ends with the word "Sad." I swear he does not own a mirror and has absolutely zero self-awareness. Or perhaps, to be slightly more compassionate, he has some kind of body dysmorphia disease.

    1. He has no sense of humor regarding himself. All part of the pathology, Olga.

  2. I thought this description by Joy Reid of JA (that's what we call him in our house jack-a**) was absolutely perfect.

    "He is a person who is without empathy,” said Reid. “Remember Donald Trump who did not serve his country, was the appropriate age to go to Vietnam, got five deferments, was never asked about it by the way during the entirety of the campaign. No one ever asked him to defend the fact that he never sacrificed anything for this country who said not getting a venereal disease was his Vietnam. … Every man who has run for president since the Vietnam era has had to account for the Vietnam era. It has been a searing part of our politics. Donald Trump was never asked about it. Unlike Tim Kaine or even Mike Pence, he doesn’t have any family member, none of his children have served. They are essentially a family whose entire service has been to themselves, to their own pocketbooks, to their own ego, to their own needs. And he is a bottomless pit of need. And what he needs is adulation. For any journalist to dare to not be elated that Donald Trump will now be their president is something intolerable to him. It’s the reason that losing the election, losing the popular vote is intolerable to him. Incredibly it triggers him to be reminded that Hillary Clinton beat him in the popular vote. Because just the idea of being beaten and bested by a woman, and any woman not absolutely being in awe of him, triggers and bothers him. This is a needy, narcissistic man who is not a man who understands and can conceptualize sacrifice for one’s country. Yes if I had a son or daughter in the military, I would be concerned. You know Katon Dawson this weekend on our show was talking about the fact that anything with Trump’s name around the world becomes a target. If I am in the military, I am very concerned. I don’t want that to be my child’s mission, to defend the name of Trump, the person of the state. That isn’t what we are as Americans."

    Sending hugs and sanity.

    Megan xxx


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