Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Day After

A friend threw up.

I spent the day wondering ... about freedom of choice, about the status of friends, about bullying, and about Pantsuit Nation

Young people were taking ownership of not doing enough, and then promising to share the love as they carried on.

Mostly, I felt lost.

And then the oddest thing happened; I held Robert Redford and Donald Trump in my brain at the same time.  The Donald didn't look any more comfortable than Redford's candidate after his unlikely win.

(start at 2:04)

Checks and Balances.  The rule of law.  A free press.  An independent judiciary.  I pin my hopes on America.


  1. It helps to turn off hate or fear filled media. Whenever one of them starts in, change the channel. I think our media has a lot of responsibility for the terror some are expressing right now. They've worked to create it for months. They cheated in many ways to get their preferred candidate with things like Donna Brazile giving Clinton questions that would be on debates with Bernie. The very idea that all who voted for Trump were racist, bigots and misogynists, has been fostered by the media more than even his words. I will never trust them again and nobody else should. They serve only their own purposes and the stories they cover, how they slant them goes way beyond facts. They felt they were helping us because we are too stupid to actually weigh things like wikileaks versus videos. Well, I read what she had done, the crooked things and still voted for her based on the issues. It left me not caring much who won in the end because it was never about the first woman (who used some shady methods to acquire wealth and power) or a boorish abuser. For me it came down to issues and Supreme Court. I will be internally whining when the Supreme Court vacancy gets filled as it's a big part of why he was unacceptable to me, but a lot of the rest, if you read all of what he said, not just the piece the news gave you, it was more nuanced than they made it sound. I don't know how we get a really unbiased media for our news when they are owned by corporations and have agendas. That is what depressed me the most this time :(

    1. I've been screaming at the reporters all week long, Rain. THEY gave us 24/7 Trumpisms that first summer, without calling him out on his outrageousness. THEY mainstreamed hate. Now they wonder how this could have happened.

      The polling shows 20-30$ of Trump people are opposed to his hateful rhetoric - I know lots of them. They aren't bad people, they are just so done with Washington and feeling excluded.

      BUT, the Court. Oh, my, the Court.

      AND, Trump lives for vengeance. That is a character flaw that terrifies me more than Mrs. Clinton's pecadillos. I can't imagine what she had to do to get to where she is without deep financial pockets behind her. I certainly wasn't brave enough to try it, and I'm only 5 years younger than she.

      My hope is with those who feel energized to make changes, to get involved, to realize that sitting on the sidelines doesn't work any more.

      How sad that our commentary revolves around "what depressed me the most this time."

    2. She and he were closer to being alike than you think if you only depended on mainstream media for info about her. Read some of wikileaks. She would have been inclined for revenge maybe more than him. We shall see whether he acts that way but I don't see it in his past. He slams out against people through twitter or speeches where he gets nasty but that's not quite the same as trying to destroy them. My main concern with him will be what I said all along-- social issues, environment, and the Court. I am sure I'll be whining plenty. I know that ACA needed fixing when I hear people, friends, who are paying $20,000 a year for insurance with a $6000 deductible before it kicks in. Those who don't have a corporation behind them or are on SS are really hurting with those skyrocketing premiums (probably a factor for some voters). So we shall see... One thing that helped me on this was that I voted on issues not emotion-- hence didn't feel sick when I woke up Wednesday. Of course, i am concerned but would have been if it had been her given her policies on Arab Spring and the fact that she's a globalist.

    3. IT's the court... I have a daughter, a granddaughter, nieces and young friends for whose reproductive freedoms I shudder. I have LGBTQ friends, married, parenting, and terrified. Thankfully, I will be on Medicare in February, but otherwise, I'd be uninsurable without the ACA, having overspent my limit by $$$$$$$.

      The markets' response has been curious. We shall see. I am glad that someone I know isn't sick to her stomach; that gives me hope.

    4. I was sick when I had to vote for her lol but the very reasons you mentioned. The other thing that helped is I didn't depend on the mainstream media for what he said. I looked at headlines but read the actual words. It was never all they said it was as the NYTimes has now admitted. They twisted it for our own good... It made me feel I'd never trust the media again-- on either side. Find the speeches when possible and read them. more work but more chance to see the whole picture.

      What we better hope is nothing happens to Trump. Pence would be Ryan and they'd both for the religious ideologue agenda. Trump is a pragmatist and he's operating mostly on what he believes the country needs-- not meaning he's right-- and not a voice from heave. 'Heaven help us' if we end up with the religious ideologues running it all...

  2. As you saw from my post on FB, I've been crying since Tuesday night. My eyes are so puffy and hurt so much, but my heart hurts more. I literally feel like I have a broken heart. I'm so scared for our country. I'm scared for my children. My daughter came home yesterday sobbing that she's ashamed to be white and she's scared her minority friends are going to be deported. THIS is Trump's America.

    I am not even certain what to do next either. We lost big on Tuesday night. So much about our country is going to change and it's not going to be for the better. I'm scared for so many of the people on the ACA. What are they going to do when they lose their insurance?

    One thing I do know is that the Electoral College has to go. It's antiquated and does not reflect the will of the people. Hillary won the popular vote. She should be President.

    I'm so depressed right now.

    Sending hugs,

    Megan xxx

    1. With your new freedom, Megan, it's time to take action No Labels. Planned Parenthood. Community Action Boards/Commissions. Vietnam motivated me.... let this be your call to action.

      Moving forward is the best remedy for depression.

      I love you. Your friends love you. America has weathered worse (ask people how much they hated Richard Nixon). And turn off the media -- it only makes it more real and reminds you of what could have been. ...without taking responsibility for not cutting him off at the knees when he first began bloviating.


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