Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Linton Enchanted Gardens

This is most wonderful garden center I've ever visited
There was a choo-choo train, with a very punny narration of the grounds.  
There was panning for gold.
There were funny little houses.
There were ostriches 
(who knew their eyes were blue?)
and there were fish.

There were goats

and pheasants
and there were lots of ugly pumpkins.
which reminded me of pumpkin patch visits in Petaluma.
There were topiaries
some of which reminded us of home.
and alien spaceships and skeletons.
There were lots and lots of plants, too, but we were having too much fun to shop.

Little Cuter and I will, no doubt go back to shop.
But, for today, this was quite enough.

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