Friday, November 18, 2016


Little Cuter has bronchitis.

FlapJilly screamed for an hour after pre-school yesterday.  DOUGHNUTS!!! DOUGHNUTS!!! DOUGHNUTS!!!

TBG has had a chest cold for nearly two weeks, a cold I'd been fighting with Zicam spray until I decided that I was healthy and stopped medicating.  Now that cold is back, with a vengeance, and my throat is scratchy and my head hurts and my tummy isn't happy at all.

But what's making me sick is Kris Kobach insisting that registering enemy aliens, or potential enemy aliens, or just Muslims in general is based on long-standing legal precedent.  Korematsu v United States was the 6-3 Supreme Court decision allowing for the registration and, ultimately, the internment of Americans of Japanese origin during FDR's administration.

Antonin Scalia had this to say on Korematsu, back in 2014:

“Well, of course, Korematsu was wrong,” Scalia said. “And I think we have repudiated it in a later case. But you are kidding yourself if you think the same thing will not happen again.”

He predicted it.  Trump's transition team is talking about it.  And I am sick about it.

But, for this one, I have a plan.  

I'll register along with them, just as the Dutch did with the Jews in the 1940's.  I've always cherished the notion that common folk took a small but significant step to express their displeasure with an unwelcome regime.  They were thinking that all Dutch lives mattered, even ones who didn't worship Jesus Christ.  They were willing to stand in harms way to make their dissatisfaction known.  

It's scary to think about, but all disease has an element of terror attached to it.  The fragmentation of our society is sickening.  I'm pledging to take steps to combat the infestation.

I can't believe I'm writing this post.  What has happened to my America?  


  1. Maybe if a huge number of us non-Muslims registered, it would make their database so useless that it would screw up the system and they would have to abandon it. This might be a grassroots movement worth looking into.

    1. I've been hearing others saying the same thing. We'll do what is necessary.

  2. I skim the news these days because it is so oriented to stirring up people. I thought that the only suggestion was registering the new arrivals from countries where they have terrorism after vetting them more thoroughly (which Homeland security claims they do now). This is not remotely like the Jews but is like the Japanese in WWII but only if this is all Muslims who are already here.

    Listening to the news right now seems very unhealthy to me. I catch a little, read, but until the left stops screaming and starts coming up with real plans that will help Americans suffering today both with the high insurance premiums and loss of jobs and looking for potential candidates to run in state and federal offices in 2018, this is all to make the country sick. A lot of it has not happened, won't happened but meantime the media got what they wanted. To me what Trump is doing is what he said he'd do which is why I didn't vote for him but they are acting as if this is something new. It's not new. It's how elections go.

    If lefties want to worry about something, try this-- only 5 states have a Democratic governor and legislature. The Republicans control enough state houses that with one more, they would have the 2/3 needed to change the Constitution. AND if Democrats stay hysterical, don't convince enough voters that they have better ideas to help people, when the 2020 census happens, the Republicans in those legislatures will be controlling how votes are apportioned, which can guarantee they keep the House into perpetuity... There have to be real plans, ways to pay for them, and having Americans believe Democrats have good ideas for the society, ideas that will not let our debt continue to grow beyond the current $20 trillion, ideas that will get our infrastructure healthier and deal with places like the author James Patterson illustrated in his documentary-- Murder of a Small Town, which illustrates how two small towns in New York and Florida have lost all hope and jobs. That's a very real concern if it spreads to more places. All this before Trump got a shot at any of the damage the left fears so much.

    1. I'm less worried about the aggregate than I am about the personal - little girls crying to the principal bc someone told her Hillary kills babies so how could she vote for her in the school's election? Yes, Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do, is just as brittle and ignorant of the 1st Amendment as he was before the election, and no, I am not surprised.

      Yes, the left, the right, the center need to come up with a plan to fix things - but those old economy jobs are not coming back. If our President Elect believed in global warming and was a forward thinking man, we could have alternative energy jobs all over the place.

      we are screwed. Royally, totally, I hope not permanently screwed. I will keep the pressure on, I will stay informed without becoming hysterical (haven't watched MSNBC since the election), and I will work to make Arizona purple if not blue.

      And I will be very afraid.

  3. Do take care of yourself. I cannot even believe we are talking about a Muslim registry. It's sickening beyond belief and just because we did something in the past, doesn't mean it was right.

    He has done so much damage in just one week. I cannot even fathom what he will do once he is in office.

    Do try and get some rest.

    Megan xxx

    1. Proper medication and Big Cuter on the couch -- I'm doing better <3


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