Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Have you voted?

Did you feel good about it?

TBG and I cast early ballots before we left on our vacation. That was the last time I felt sanguine about anything.

The FBI is leaking information to Rudy Giuliani.  The Director of the FBI is so afraid of Congress that he risked violating the Hatch Act, thus adding fuel to the email fire.  Donald Trump supporters freaked out over a gun that wasn't there, not recognizing the absurdity of promoting open carry laws and then panicking when they see weaponry. Republican leaders are voting for a man whose name they refuse to say in public.

It's crazy time in America, denizens.

There's no way I can be confident of the outcome.  The 538 podcast, the Keeping It 1600 podcast, Rachel Maddow,  Big Cuter..... they all told me not to worry.... until they started telling me to be afraid, to be very afraid.

I fear for our country.  I fear for my granddaughter and all the other little girls who may grow up without Roe v Wade.  I fear for a Supreme Court either held hostage by an obstructionist Senate majority or filled with incompetents.  I look in horror at a future where a Republican House majority threatens to impeach a newly elected President the moment she takes the oath of office.

I want to be filled with joy.  I want to be excited about the future.  I want to have faith in the goodness of my fellow citizens.  I want to believe that misogyny and mendacity and other character flaws are not rewarded. I'm having a hard time getting there.

And so, I find myself singing the song I sang to The Cuters when they were small:

You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
But, if you try, sometimes, you get what you need.

I just can't believe that I need President Trump.


  1. Hahahahaha! I love chickens coming home to roost on your employment of the Rolling Stones. And if worst comes to worst I think that Bali has great weather year round and is probably outside the immediate blast zones when the President of Lichtenstein makes fun of Prez Orangutan's comb over.

  2. Sheesh. That previous comment wasn't very comforting.
    I have faith that Hillary will prevail, that with the help of the wonem of America, she will prevail and actually accomplish something. Trump has scared the bejeebers out of true Conservative statesmen. I think they are a looking for a leader to get us out of this mess. At least I can hope, and I am prepared to sound off in support of Madame President.


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