Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Spam in The Burrow

This was the only comment on yesterday's post:

با سالها سابقه در طراحي ،اجرا و خدمات سيستمهاي درب اتوماتيک و راهبند 
فروش،نصب و راه اندازي و خدمات انواع درب اتوماتيک (درب سکشنال - کرکره اتوماتيک - کرکره پنجره - درب ريلي اتوماتيک - جک پارکينگي - کرکره شفاف - رول گيتر - انواع راهبند و درب اتوماتيک شيشه اي... ) 
خدمات 24 ساعته و شبانه روزي حتي در تعطيلات رسمي 
مشاوره رايگان در تمامي مراحل

I read it on my phone, while waiting for class to start in the morning.  My Android doesn't have an easily accessible translation service, so I spent the day wondering.  What had the beautiful Persian writer been trying to communicate?  Was she as thrilled with my hike as I had been?  Was she taken with my photos?  Was she offering her perspective on the world?  And how had she found The Burrow?

Inquiring bloggers wanted to know, but life kept me away from home all day long.  With dinner re-heating in the oven, I sat at the desk and re-read the post.  No, there was nothing pertinent to a Persian writer, at least as far as I could see.  With mouse in hand, I copied and pasted the passage into Google Translate, and was rewarded with this:

*** The new company Gate ***

With years of experience in the design, implementation and service of automatic door systems and Barrier Sales, installation and service of automatic doors (sectional doors - Automatic shutters - Shutters - Doors rail automatic - Jack parking - transparent shutters - Roll POTGIETER - all kinds of barriers and doors made of glass ...)
Services 24 hours a day, even on holidays
Free advice at all stages

I can't imagine buying security doors from Iran, and yet that is what this new company GATE is hawking.  Still, there was much that was confusing.

According to a cursory Google search, Roll Potgieter score (t)he highest network security index for hard drawn wire structure made of iron and plated doors High elongation and impact resistance.....  and then the snippet ended and the link took me to another page of Farsi, with pictures of the rolling window and door covers.  

Jack parking was another conundrum, but Google was no help there, either.  There are Jack Parking Lots and people murdered in Jack in the Box parking lots but Jack Parking remains a mystery.

I'm wondering if they'd come on Thanksgiving if my garage door got stuck; they say they offer Services 24 hours a day, even on holidays.  I'm wondering what spam-bot found The Burrow and decided that security doors in Farsi was an appropriate comment.  I wonder if The New Company Gate paid someone to post that ad... and if they can get their money back.

However, should you be reading this in Iran right now, why not give GATE a call?  Tell them Ashleigh from The Burrow sent you.


  1. That is too funny. I occasionally get bot comments when I mention a repair done on the RV, but they've always been in English.

  2. Sorta disappointing to have gone through all that effort to translate .....spam, from Iran!

  3. I went to requiring having an ID to comment because I was getting so much spam that it filled up its folder. ID limits the number of commenters though. Six of one-- half dozen of another.

    1. So far I'm not that popular with trolls or spammers. It's an annoyance throughout bloggerdom.


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