Monday, November 7, 2016

Hannah Lindhal Museum

Little Cuter left us a list of things to do.
This tiny museum was nearby, and FlapJilly agreed that it would be lots of fun to visit.
It consists of relics of Michiana's past, donated by residents and collectors.
 (Michiana is the area on the border of Michigan and Indiana, not, as I always thought, a separate town.)

Miss Lexie gave us a introduction to the collection, reminding us that we could touch anything we wanted as long as we put it back where we found it.  We held a mastodon bone and a rabbit skin and petrified wood, but the little miss refused to smile or pose with them.

This chair was Goldilocks sized, and she was quite comfortable.
Unfortunately, the sign she is holding said "Please do not sit on the chairs."
There was a 19th century school room and a Japanese Tea House in honor of Mishawka's sister city and there was this beautiful organ, with embroidered foot pedals.
Antique sewing machines and cooking utensils and a general store with old cans and boxes weren't that interesting to FlapJilly, but we all liked these moccasins which, if you read the attribution card, are quite timely.
That's all.
We were finished in 45 minutes, which gave us plenty of time to have a Second Breakfast at Bob Evans, another worthy Indiana institution.

Thus ends our visit.
Tomorrow I'll reenter the fray, putting all my anxiety for the future of our country on display.
But, for right now, I'm gong back to snuggling with the cutest little girl I know.

photo courtesy of JPetersenPhotography


  1. Love all the pixs! Missed your posts last week due to being at Adobe Max in San Diego. Looking forward to catching-up.

    Megan xxx

    1. These are easy=peasy and a nice antidote before the shit hits the fan tomorrow.
      Welcome back!


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