Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ranting and Raving at the TV

All I wanted to do was watch Netflix.  The television had other ideas.

I remember when it was set up.  The lovely gentlemen went through the mechanics of the system, trying to make it as user friendly as they could.  As I recall, they were unable to have everything labeled clearly enough for me; HDMI doesn't mean much to my feeble brain, yet that is what scrolled across the top of the screen.

I chose one and clicked.  Nothing has been the same since.

There are messages which say Choose SOURCE on your remote.... and I use the plural because the damn thing keeps popping up on the screen.... over and over and over again.

 I'd be happy as a clam if I could do that, but there is not a single button labeled SOURCE on any of the remotes littering my coffee table.

There are input buttons.  There are set up buttons.  There are menu buttons.  There are no source buttons.  Believe me, I've looked. Everywhere.  I've cleaned the devices as I've scoured them with my eyes.  It's all to no avail.

I wanted to impress TBG with my technological prowess upon his return from the gym.  Instead, I am anxiously awaiting a call back from the technicians who, the office manager assures me, will be able to walk me through it and get me up and running.  I am hopeful that this will happen before my husband returns and chastises me for randomly pushing buttons.

Unfortunately, this time I have no excuses.  I did randomly push buttons.  I am reaping the reward right now.  My stomach is in a knot.  I am no further along my path to access Netflix on the big screen.

Instead, I find this annoying suggestion.  
I've tried all the arrows on all the remotes.
I tried touching the screen itself.
I tried screaming.
I'd be delighted to select the button below if only I could.
But that would require finding a cursor or another connection to the screen.

Nothing works.
And so, I wait.

I don't have this problem with books on paper.
I'm going to spend the rest of the morning with Leviathan Wakes, Big Cuter's newest attempt to expand my literary horizons.  
It's big, it's interesting, and it doesn't need me to push any buttons or be certain that any devices are properly connected.

It's perfect. 
And then, the phone rang. It was a lovely tech from Accura Systems.  He kept telling me how well I was doing.  He insisted that I was on the correct path.  He was delighted that I found the television's dedicated remote.... a remote which had a SOURCE button!  He explained that I was on the wrong input, that the Xfinity remote had gotten me there, and that the Samsung remote could take me where I wanted to be.  

He was thrilled for me.  He was encouraging.  He wasn't judgmental or bored or demeaning.  He was perfect.  

If you live in the greater Tucson megalopolis, Accura Systems can help you with alarms, central vacuum systems, and home theaters.  Call them.  They are perfect!

And so am I.  I am going to try to get Netflix to work right now.  I'm on a tech roll!

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