Thursday, August 27, 2015

Our New Sleep Number Bed

We got a mattress in a box today.
It required unpacking and unwrapping and unfolding.
There were instructions to be read.
We've never had to read the instructions for a mattress before.
We'd never watched the creation of a mattress before, either.
Today was the day.
The Sleep Number guys were right on time, in their Penske rental truck.  
They lugged our old and well worn mattress out and toted their much lighter boxes in.
Unwrapping the bladders
and filling them with air 
was the first, and longest, step. 
I admit that I giggled.
A lot. 
When they were full, they were set aside to rest. 
The tubes stay attached.
They connect to this control box
which sits underneath the platform.

The soft bottom layer was smoothed onto that platform,
and another, softer, gooshier layer went on top of that.

The edges were built, side by individual side slipping into the pre-cut curves.

A piece similar to the edges was inserted between the individual bladders, 
to keep his air from bumping into mine,

and then the whole thing was zipped together.

An egg-crate topping was added
and a decorative  covering was zippered over the whoe thing.
We were warned: "Don't take it off and wash it, it will shrink and you'll never get it back on."
I put our newly washed and perfectly fine mattress cover on top of it, 
remade it with fresh sheets,
and followed the instructions to find my perfect Sleep Number.

I seem to be a 30.
I'll keep you posted.
Shameless plug:  
This was amazingly comfortable in the store, and should prove to be the same, here at home.
If you are thinking about buying one, be sure to tell them that Suzi Hileman referred you.
For every 10 referrals, we get a free queen size bed.
I'm sure The Cuters will enjoy that we're-not-buying-it-but-heck-if-it's-free-we'll-take-it addition to their visits.

No one asked me to write this.
No one is paying me to write this.

Isn't that a shame?


  1. Who knew a mattress could be so complicated? Thanks for the post. Please keep us informed about your comfort in the future. One of these could be on my "someday" list.

    1. I certainly did not!
      It was unsettling last night; kind of like a water bed, at first. But I slept all through the night and jumped out of bed without my usual aches and pains (the ones exacerbated by our old mattress, I guess).
      It's pricey, but it also has a 25 year warranty. Since you're supposed to change your mattress every 8 years or so, it amortizes out to be reasonable.
      I'll keep you posted.


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