Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Purple and White and Orange Surprises

I gasped aloud this morning, driving past my yard.

I always enjoy the plantings,
but this morning was different.

The little leaf cordia was in bloom
and a previously dull corner of my front yard,
back there behind the orange Mexican Bird of Paradise,
was covered in these bright white blossoms.

The memory kept me smiling all day long, even though I didn't win a single game at mah jongg.  I could hardly wait to get home and take proper photos.

The whole yard is blooming.  
It's mostly orange.
The Mexican Bird of Paradise competes with the barrel cacti 
and wins for softness, if nothing else. 

The flowers are at all stages on this one, from last year's empty stems to the closed dull orange buds, to the brighter ones opening (bottom left) to the dead brown remains of their siblings (at the top).
I tried to photograph the ants 
which were swarming over every inch of this beauty
but my camera phone failed us. 
I gave up,  stood back, and admired the glow. 
There's some yellow, too.

The older cacti sprout babies and settle in to nourish them.
There are several more on the other side.
Lest you think my entire yard is prickly and poky, 
rest assured that there is lushness, too.
The Texas Rangers have given us a bonus bloom, 
and the purple is a gorgeous way to start the day, 
The Ironwood tree is kelly green, 
and eminently huggable,
were it not for the long sharp thorns. 
Volunteers take up residence in the drainage swales
and under random rocks.
Vinca is an invasive plant,  and frowned upon by the gardening community and HOA's everywhere.
As long as it only invades my courtyard I think I'm safe from the flower police.
I can't have you thinking that everything I touch turns out well.
SIR dug me a lovely hole, and we planted this fellow to the correct depth.
It's properly fertilized.
It may be overwatered.
It may be too sunny.
It is definitely unhappy. 
Fortunately, I have many prospective locales awaiting its arrival.
I have high hopes; once, these succulents were similarly distressed.
Thanks MOTG for the butterfly feeder.

Are you wondering about the little leaf cordia?
Remember, the white ball of gorgeousness I saw as I left home this morning?
It's there, in the picture of the empty space.
Here's a close up:
Yes, denizens, the blooms were gone.
Those white flowers and these two were the only ones left.
Life is harsh, here in the desert.


  1. The barrel blossoms are just gorgeous. We're never there in August, so I've never seen them. Thanks for sharing.


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