Monday, August 3, 2015

A Freebie for 25 of You

I'm still recovering from the last flight out of Chicago, the same flight I've taken twice before, the same flight which was delayed by hours.... yes, hours.... and threatened with crew members timing out and the flight being cancelled.... twice before and this time, too... and landing us in Tucson at midnight, which felt like 2am and leaving TBG and me overtired and cranky.

The older I get, the harder it is to re-regulate my systems.

I have to ease back into the world of work, leaving the world of FlapJilly behind.  I never understood heart wrenching in quite this way.... it's a physical sensation surrounding my beating heart.
It hurts.

In order to concentrate on the joys of life, rather than the missing you's, I'm going to clue you in to a nice group of people with a great idea.  They shipped my swag home from BlogHer'15, and asked for nothing in return.  And they gave us freebies!
Swag is one of the perks of attending BlogHer conferences.  Stuff We All Get.... I just walked around the Expo floors and picked up frisbees and tee shirts and reusable glasses and key rings and stickers and mobile battery rechargers.  I collected giveaways for the next Stroll and Roll.  After an interesting discussion about the problem of getting my whites white here in Tucson, I was given organic, vegan laundry detergent to try.  I scored a Downton Abbey mug and an kid sized apron.  

I was in heaven.... until I sorted it out on the other twin bed and realized there was no way it was fitting into my carry-on.  My under-the-seat bag was already stuffed to the gills; Lenore the Lenovo, my Kindle, my sweater, my water bottle, the book and the crosswords and the mesh bag with don't leave home without it items... they take up a lot of space.

Jet to the rescue.

Stuck in a back corner, three twenty somethings with big smiles and Yes, we can! attitudes let me rest my weary self in front of their booth.  I was handed a purple bag folded in a purple pouch.  I was given a purple card with a code and space for my name and address.  I was told to put all my stuff into the bag - and if it all didn't fit, not to worry, they'd find a bigger box - and return it to their booth before close of business the next day.

OK.  That was perfect.

I made another tour of the booths, snagging another frisbee or two, returned to my room, filled up my purple bag, and dragged it and myself to the Jet booth.

One week later FedEx delivered it to my front doorstep, just as promised.  It hadn't cost me a dime.  I was pretty pleased with Jet.

Described by the smiley booth-dwellers as a combination of Amazon and Costco, but less expensive, Jet offers usable size merchandise at discount prices.  Not everyone is happy buying in bulk.  As Kumail Nanjiani so aptly puts it in the Jet promotional video, "buying 5 pounds of mayonnaise is fundamentally ridiculous.  When you finish it you can live in the jar... in 7 years.... that's how long it's going to take."

I related to that on a deeply personal level.  I loved pushing the Cuters around Costco on the flatbed, loading up on toilet paper and ketchup and oatmeal every six weeks or so.  Now, just for TBG and me, it is fundamentally ridiculous.  

The initial prices are comparable to most discount brick and mortar or on-line stores, it seems.  The benefits begin as you add more items to your cart.  The more you shop, the more you save.  Special items are offered at steeper discounts, and combining them brings the prices down even further.

There are links to other sites which promise some kind of reciprocity, but I haven't delved that deeply.  This isn't meant as a review post; don't judge my tired self too harshly, please.  What it is meant to be is a giveaway post.

So, here's the giveaway.  Jet gave me a code which can be used 25 times.  The code is redeemable for a one year membership.  It's a $49.99 freebie, and it's yours if you want it.   The promo code allows you to bypass the 3 month freebie offered to everyone.  You are special; you'll receive a 12 month freebie.  

The code is at the bottom of the post.  Go to  Enter the code in the box which appears when you click Have a promo code? That's it.

You have to act fast.  The codes are only valid through August 18th.... and there are only 25 of them. Once they're gone, they're gone.

Let me know if you like it.  

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  1. Thanks for the freebie! I signed-up and it looks awesome. Love all the pics from your visit to Chicago. The smile on your face just warms my heart. We are in the Outer Banks; so I will try and keep checking in.

    Sending massive hugs and a big thank you!

    Megan xxx


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