Friday, August 14, 2015

Brushing Her Teeth

FlapJilly is quite proud of herself.
I think you have to be a 1 year old to believe with all your heart that you are the center of everyone's universe.  By the time you hit 2, you've figured it out a bit more, you're noticing that others have needs, too, and that often those needs will be met before yours. 

But right now, FlapJilly is convinced that she is the axis about which the world revolves.  
She giggles, and the world she knows giggles, too. 
And in those giggles are love and wonder and amazement.... but mostly, there is joy.

She's quite proud of her newest accomplishment - brushing her own teeth.
Mommy is excited so FlapJilly is excited which makers Mommy even more excited....
and so it goes.
Little Cuter's first inclination was to ask the baby to hold still so Mommy can finish brushing.
She moved on to brushing her own teeth might be within FlapJilly's repertoire of behaviors,
which led to all these smiles and giggles and toothbrushing stuff flying everywhere and the baby, 
holding the brush very still, 
moving her head ferociously from side to side.
Have I mentioned that this is the most adorable child on the planet? 
Have a wonderful weekend, denizens.
Feel free to come back and look at the baby pictures if you need a smile.
It's my remedy of choice these days.


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