Tuesday, August 18, 2015

It's Cutting Into My Free Time

A short rant, if you will oblige me this morning, denizens.

This Lean In Project Bat Swing is interfering with my free time.  I'm beginning to become annoyed.

I have two James Patterson books on loan from the library.  I have a baby blanket to crochet.  I have a wedding present to wrap and mail.  I have paperwork generated by the desk cleaning activity of last week's timeline activity.

I'm feeling overwhelmed.

The Professional Organizer I used in the past has moved to Phoenix; I have to begin to look again.  Does this mean that I can add a row to my timeline, moving everything back a week?  It occurred to Little Cuter, my partner in crime, at the same time it occurred to me - her list consists of sign up, learn, use, sign up, learn, use while mine is read and take action, read and take action, read and.... well, you get the picture.

I have to go through my old posts.

I have to describe my audience before I can begin to write (thanks, Brenda Starr, for pointing that out to me).

I have to purchase post-it notes of various sizes.

I could walk away from the whole thing, but having written it here and said it aloud to lunch guests and friends and casual acquaintances and committed it to writing for my daughter that's not a viable option... not if I want to maintain my standing in those communities.

So, I sigh.  I pout.  I put it off.... but there's that deadline looming on Friday... on the timeline I created myself.

Still, I'm old enough and wise enough to know that structure is good but stress is bad.  If the framework is too tight, I need to adjust it to meet what is feasible.  I think that will be my task for this week: rework the timeline.

Next Monday I'll go to Nerthus's co-working space and see if having others around makes a difference.  I'll schedule blocks of time most days to do the work.  I will not avoid it.  I will embrace it.

At least, that's the current plan.

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