Friday, December 9, 2011

GRINNING at Prince's Winter Fiesta

In the aftermath of January 8th, I created a non-profit.  Of course, since it takes up to 9 months to process the paperwork to become a 501c-3, right now all I really have is a group of wonderful volunteers, a name, and a website
Kathleen,  Wonderful Volunteer
We were helping out at a Winter Festival, and we were properly attired.... blinking necklaces included.
Martha & Sherry, Wonderful Volunteers
We were staffing the craft table, making peppermint candy bows with painted hand prints.
Roseanne & Larry & Sherry (again), more W.V.'s
A/B agreeing to be photographed.
Some of us were more enthusiastic than others. 
Notice the little dance step.

We were having a really good time.
The third graders were exactly the right age for this

Younger ones needed more assistance.
Let us help
Do I really have to do this?
Sometimes they needed Larry and Mom and Dad and Dad.

Some didn't want any help at all.
It seemed to run in the family.
Some just wanted to watch mom coloring.
And so, she colored, back and forth, left to right, staying within the lines.
And while she colored she told how she colored like this when she was in the third grade.
There was a lot more than crafting going on.

There was pure joy.

There were doting big brothers who were willing to color right next to you.

There was time for chit chat.

Someone asked the face painters to immortalize her love for her music teacher.

And someone was bored by the whole thing.

Grandparents in Residence was designed to foster inter-generational mentoring.
I'm thinking this might be my poster.

What we do is serious work.... just look.

It's also filled with quietly wonderful moments like these.

Look at that smile.
I find it impossible to be sad when I am in the presence of such precision.


  1. Thank you so much for coming to our Winter Fiesta! You inspire me each day.
    Tassi Call

  2. Oh my goodness! You have been soooo busy. Love your logo and tag-line. What a wonderful opportunity for the community. AB, you are doing some serious good things with this organization. I'm loving all the pixs too.

    Ping me if you need any help. You know how to get hold of me via Email.

    Huge kudos!

    Megan xxx

  3. Looks like a LOT of fun for the kids! ...debbie

  4. I am all admiration! Wonderful pictures and wonderful cause. I can think of nothing healthier than this initiative...for all concerned.


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