Friday, December 2, 2011


Newt Gingrich is the bachelor party; Mitt Romney is the wedding.   
Thus saith CNN.  
Perry lost on ability not personality,
the Republican strategist continued.  There was also some mention of back surgery gone awry and implanted stem cells which didn't alleviate the discomfort but I wasn't paying that much attention to the words because I was stuck on the image of a potential President of the United States of America being likened to a bachelor party.

What have we come to?

I don't care if he buys his wife nice jewelry or if he takes lavish vacations; living well is the best revenge, after all. What worries me is his moral character.  The Washington Post debunked the deathbed divorce papers story, saying the discussion was no surprise to either party and that
Gingrich’s marriage to Battley had been troubled for many years before it dissolved 31 years ago, both parties have said.
So, she was neither hurt nor dead.  That was good news.  The bad news is the rest of the paragraph:
Battley, who is seven years older than Gingrich, had been Gingrich’s high school math teacher in Columbus, Ga. They began dating after he graduated and were married in 1962, when Gingrich was 19 and a freshman at Emory University in Atlanta ...
I wonder what his parents thought about that.

Thrice married and financially profligate - these are only the pieces that are reported.  Say what you will about President Obama's failure to fulfill the dreams of the left within an hour and a half of being elected, no one questions his character.   He rolls his eyes at the Kardashians and his children don't have Facebook pages.  He's married to an extraordinarily impressive woman and he knows how lucky he is to have her.  He has dinner with his family every night that he's in town.  He respects his mother-in-law.

I have no doubt that Speaker Gingrich is an intelligent man.  He has a professorial air and great hair.  

That's not enough for me.  
I could go on and on about Newt, but I'm watching pictures of Hilary Clinton and Aung San Suu Kyi and I can't stop smiling.  Mrs. Clinton can't seem to let go of  her hand... I can feel the admiration.... it's a much nicer place to be than contemplating the Republican presidential field.


  1. I was thinking how revolting the choices Republicans are offering as possible nominees with a bit of smugness-- like why can't they come up with a truly honorable conservative to run? And then I thought... uh who would Democrats run next time??? Hillary says she's done running for political office but even if she wasn't, for me, she has Bill baggage which I know many Democrats see him as this wonderful example of a leader but he's not for me. I see ending Glass-Steagall and the deals he did with the Republicans to end our trade policies of many years and not necessarily in a way favorable to our country, leading to a lot of manufacturing going overseas. Then there is the suspect policies with China, and yes, his own sexual morality. He also ended during his time the small tax on individual trades on the stock market which has led to a lot of this flooding of sales to force the market down and then profiting from it-- in other words instability that a small tax would have made at least less profitable. So back to my original question-- who would we run as a nominee if it wasn't Obama? I am thinking Americans need to start looking outside the political realm. You know Cain wasn't given he had been a lobbyists for the restaurant industry after he wasn't a CEO for Godfather. Don't we have anybody in this country who really would be true to either liberal or conservative values (for either party), be honorable, smart, knowledgeable, and willing to put themselves through the hell of our political process for the good of the country? I couldn't think of anybody... Now that was really discouraging.

  2. Newt has always given me the creeps and I'm suspicious of people who "convert" too easily. I'm not just talking about religion, I'm talking about switching partners in all sorts of ways, religion, wives, political parties and on and on and on. I really cannot imagine having my basic nature change at any age beyond 24. Now aha moments, revelations, synchronistic discoveries and such can be and are life changing, but.... we are still the same person who is just walking a slightly different, or maybe utterly different, path. I don't trust him, "any farther than I could throw him," as my mother used to say. Geesh, I am so judgmental and opinionated. It's embarrassing, but some Republicans just do this to me!

  3. Well, on a totally unrelated, but much happier subject, I see you're watching NCIS. Best series ever! I've seen almost all of them, several times. I love the relationships between the characters, and between Gibbs and his Dad. Happy watching!
    I can't watch politics anymore, the whole thing just makes my head explode.

  4. AMeN, SisTa...couldn't agree with you more!!! ;)

  5. On my Facebook profile where it asks with what political persuasion you identify, mine says, "Democrats are George Bailey, Republicans are Mr. Potter." And that's really how I feel. Of course not all Republicans are mean and stingy, but you'd never know it since the Mr & Mrs. Potters are the ones making the most noise and they have somehow hijacked Christianity and patriotism for their own mean and stingy purposes. I just hope that come next November all the George Bailey's show up at the polls.

  6. I think it's sort of amusing how Newt's risen to the top of the pack; like a phoenix rising from the ashes yet again. How will he explain taking millions from Freddie and Frannie?

    Don't get me started on Romney; he sold his soul to be governor here and apparently everything he told voters was a lie.

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