Monday, December 26, 2011

To Sum Up

We were happy to share Little Cuter and SIR with his family, though we missed her reading The Night Before Christmas last night.

Using pre-printed holiday boxes leaves a much neater living room on Christmas morning, although they present fewer opportunities for ridiculous wrapping by the boys of the family and thus fewer opportunities for giggles by the girl(s).

Holiday breakfasts of multi-grain french toast and crispy bacon are things of the past.  My guys heated up a frozen pizza and were quite pleased with themselves. 

G'ma enjoys gifting more than anyone I have ever known.  The 25 decorated candy canes for the caregivers at the pod castle were dispensed with such glee, such joy, such love and connection that I had a hard time not tearing up.

Asking for something you'd like to see me wear results in a full day of "Doesn't she look great?!"  This is a prompt I will remember for next year and anon.

Hoarding empty boxes for the might-someday-be-purchased-gift-of-an-unusual-size results in a full cedar chest and much aggravation.  Recycling them (thanks JannyLou and Fast Eddie for the use of your container) takes up a lot of space for Waste Management, but makes the storage chest a much more pleasant place.

Socks are wonderful gifts, but polka dot socks do not go well with polka dot sneakers.  Yes, I made myself pink polka dot sneakers.  I'm just that kind of a girl.

Finally, because the season and a bottle of wine (thank you, Rillito Nursery) has addled my brain, I stop typing and leave you with this picture of my girl and her nephew-to-be.  To me, this is what the holiday is all about - birth, love, family, children and love.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!


  1. Oh AB, the pix of Little Cuter with her nephew-to-be is so cute!!! I love babies.

    I have to laugh at the collecting of boxes. I do the same thing 'cause I cannot bear to throw them out--even if it's in the recycling bin. We sometimes have to purchase boxes and to me it's like throwing money away. I also collect ribbons and bows. As long as it's reusable and in great condition, I keep it. I try to not be too pack ratty though 'cause I hate clutter.

    I'm happy you had a nice holiday.

    Sending hugs.

    Megan xxx

  2. Yes, Megan, when my kids were young I did that, too. Somehow, most of the boxes were used every year. Now, with grown up children.... not so much.

    Glad you liked the picture... she loves babies too!

    Happy holiday back at ya.

  3. Just thought I'd pop in for a minute and see what your Holidays were shaping up to be. Glad to see Lil Cuter's pic and one day it won't be her nephew she is holding. Glad you are having wonderful family time... pizza and all.



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