Friday, December 23, 2011

My Wishes for You

Shining lights reflecting the love in someone's eyes.

Twinkling lights illuminating ornaments hung with care.

Fragrant smells that evoke G'ma's kitchen.

Sweet treats made with you in mind.

Smiles and laughter and love.

Peace on earth and in your heart.

Kind words and warm thoughts directed your way.

Whatever you are celebrating, I wish you love and joy and gladness.



  1. Wishing you a joyful holiday weekend, a/b. I will keep your words close to my heart!

  2. That was charming, A/B. Peace and all good things to your desert corner. Love to Cuters, TBG, G'ma, and to you.

  3. And the same to you and yours... The Cheeses xo

  4. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and for you I hope the new year will bring you peace. ...debbie

  5. AB, I wish for all of that for you and so much more. Hope you are enjoying Hanukkah and Christmas. May the peace of the season be yours.

    Sending hugs your way and to the whole family.

    Megan xxx


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