Friday, March 4, 2011


I am beat.  Exhausted.  too pooped to pop.  Bunionella is here from Cali, driving me around and doing my laundry.  We went to lunch and stopped in at the Philabaum Gallery, hit the grocery store and came home. 

All I want to do is nap. 

Hopping with my walker, paying attention to every step, every crack in the sidewalk, every teeny downhill slope is more tiring than I'd ever imagined it could be.

So, forgive me, denizens, if this post is short and (not-so) sweet.  I've known all day what the topic would be, but I can't come up with much to say about it at all.  It flummoxes me.  It disturbs me.  It annoys and embarrasses me.  I love Tucson, I love Arizona, but this stuff makes me nuts.

SB 1610 in the Arizona State Legislature reads:
The Colt Single Action Army Revolver is the state gun.

Words fail me.  We are The Grand Canyon State.  Our state flower is the white blossom of the saguaro cactus.  The green palo verde is our state tree. The cactus wren is our state bird and our state gem is the turquoise.
The Arizona tree frog is our state amphibian and the ringtail is our state mammal.  The ridgenose rattlesnake is our state reptile.  Getting just a little sillier, the state fish is the apache trout, petrified wood is our state fossil and the bola is our state neckwear.  Our newest state symbol is the two-tailed swallowtail, our state butterfly.

Amidst the flora and the fauna and the neckwear do we really need a state gun?

I'm just askin'.


  1. Lunacy defies explanation.
    Rest up, new friend!

  2. Oh for God's sake--I am getting tired of being ashamed of Arizona and enraged at its lunatic politicians. Why they need to specify a state gun that uses real bullets after the events of January 8 is beyond me. Ugh!!! and xoxo to you and yours

  3. When will they ever learn?

  4. OMG!!! I never heard of "A State Gun"!!
    Maybe it's used by those near the boarder.
    The gun of choice....Isn't it amazing when the roads need money for repair, homeless children need dental care...and here they are deciding on A State Gun...seems to me you need more weman in the House and Legislature! ...debbie

  5. Neither Arizona nor any other state needs that.

  6. The craziness is across this country and there isn't much more to say about it than that...

  7. What an idiotic idea especially after what happened on January 8th. When does this insanity with guns stop across our great nation !
    Sending positive vibes for your speedy recovery. God bless you, TBG, BC, LC, your family, and the Greens (John, Roxanna, and especially Dallas Green, Jr. )

  8. I'm so sorry. Y'all are starting to make Tennessee look like a liberal heaven.
    (Not really.)

  9. Beyond belief!!!!

    Pennsylvania is not good on gun control but I can't imagine anything like this in PA

  10. Beyond belief!!!!

    Pennsylvania is not good on gun control but I can't imagine anything like this in PA

  11. Happy Days -you've nailed it exactly!

    Just remember, denizens, that Tucson is a wonderful place to visit - the sun is out, the air is clean and fresh, the resorts are hungry for your business and there is much less nuttiness than up there in Phoenix.

    Do these legislators give NO thought to the tourist trade which feeds our economy? They sue the US and cut health care and education.... oh, Gabby, get better and come back and represent us well. We need someone sane on the political scene.

    Anyone know somebody normal who wants to run for state government here????

  12. As State Spokesperson, I'm thinking you can use your platform to let Arizona hear a dissenting voice on the state gun idea. Go get 'em, girl!

    And some normal people to run for state government? Be careful what you ask for; I'm acquainted with two, right off the bat, and they both live at your house. Shhhh. We'll pretend you didn't ask that question.

  13. Guess it's still the wild, wild west, there in Arizona. No state needs a state weapon of any sort. Sad.

  14. For some reason your post "Should I Go" disappeared. I read it on my reader and immediately upon closing it the thought popped into my head. If she is writing this she probably should face him and go. For what it is worth I think you probably should go. Show him that he has not made you afraid. Even if he has.

  15. I'm at a loss for words... In Virginia we have an open carry law and people can even carry guns in the legislature. But there are people fighting this ridiculous law.

    It's not only in Arizona where there needs to be rational people in the state government.


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