Sunday, March 13, 2011

2011 Strikes Again

I had a more lighthearted post scheduled for Monday, but I've been transfixed by the images coming out of Japan and I just can't be that carefree right now.  Heidi's Youngest Child is a working artist in China; he landed at the Tokyo Airport 10 minutes before the first quake hit.

I do not like seeing "the ceiling that almost fell on me" pictures.

Heeding his mother's urgings, he's trying to come home.  It's terrifying.  Once again, as Jerry calls it, The Horror.

CNN ended a report with "come Hell or high water" ... and the video was of just that.  6 miles in from the shoreline, tsunami driven cars and boats and houses were lined up in a mishmash of recognizable shapes along the side of the road. For context,  I went to San Francisco - the street looked just like Geary where Little Cuter and some girlfriends and I had real Russian Jewish deli a decade or so ago.

I can only imagine the misery and pain of those who are awaiting word from loved ones.  My imagination in this regard is pretty vivid.  It's awful and I'm powerless and I ache.  I now understand first hand for myself right now just what my friends felt when they heard what had happened to me.

I need to do something and I don't know what.  So I thought of those healing vibes you all have been sending my way?  I'm down to mild discomfort now so I hereby release them from my sphere .  I'll ask you to direct them across the ocean to Japan.

Travel safely, Roo.


  1. The great thing about those healing vibes is they can be directed in many different directions simultaneously--so no need for you to release yours!

    May you continue in your healing until it complete! And may we all be reminded of how many in the world are hurting and need those healing vibes!

  2. Nice to hear your pain is down to a mild discomfort. Just think! By end of April you may start to feel Human once again. The happenings in Japan are just unbelievable, and with the threat of the Nuclear Reactors melting and radioactive gas leaking...they need all they prayers we can muster up...debbie

  3. I don't know how to thank you for all the things I've learned about the computer since I started responding here. Now I'm working my way along and am realizing I not only have a voice but that I can reach to anywhere when I touch this computer screen. I can feel about anyone I meet here the way I do about a long time family friend even though I've never seen them. It is all possible. How to reach all the way to Japan?....... I saw all the pictures too over the weekend and all I could think is how can you lend a hand when they are so far a way? I can't even imagine how they are coping, but my heart wants to help. Its the things that happen that are completely out of our control that make us think the deepest and try the hardest. Thank you again for sharing with us...............Carol

  4. I can direct them to both you and across the world!

  5. Oh, honey, I know! Those images are so painful, there are no words. We grapple to understand that we are not safe, but how do we live when we know that?

    There is a degree of empathy, of which you were master Before Perforation, that requires careful management in us. We thumb that input valve delicately to try to control the amount of knowing we can bear. And then we transform that knowing into love and let it rise into the world. For all we know, it is that love that helps the hurt and stumbling ones. Perhaps the essence of resilience belongs, not to the individual, but to the whole. It's what we do.

  6. That is what is so neat about vibes and light.... they are infinite and can be directed in oh so many directions.


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