Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tucson Bloggers Meet Up

Bloggers are a solitary bunch.  We sit at computers and type to friends we've never seen nor can ever hope to see.  We read one another's work and admire and comment and wonder - what is she really like in person?

Yesterday, Chicago Gal and I found out.

Becca invited me to a Mom It Forward meet-up.  That sentence can be parsed into an entire post of its own : she left the initial invitation in a long comment available to the eyes of anyone who took the time to read it; she's a young mom with a great camera and she lives here in Tucson but our lives don't intersect anyplace except in the blogosphere; Ashleigh Burroughs captivated her but she invited Suzi to the event; Mom It Forward is a great name but what is it?; a meet up???

How cool have I become?  First Alice Cooper, now a 21st century be-in .... younger readers can click over to Wikipedia for insight into the 60's version ... I am on the cutting edge here, denizens.

After milk shakes and fries at Johnny Rockets, Chicago Gal held the traffic at bay as I walker-hopped across University Avenue to the courtyard where Ben's Bells is headquartered.  

Thirty or forty bloggers and their children were gathered around tables under the trees.  It was a perfect Tucson spring day - light breeze, bright sunshine, moderate temperatures and friendly folks.  

I do so love my town.

We sat under trees, and their usual inhabitants greeted us with songs and excrement - in our hair (see left) and on our t-shirts and on our arms.  We were a happy group, we just laughed.

Our task was simple - three coats of the same color glaze on the big flowers and pretty decorations on the little ones

 Here's what it looked like :

We had long pointed sticks which fit neatly into styrofoam blocks to enable our creations to dry more quickly.

There were swag bags
and extremely wonderful t-shirts

and lots and lots of food and drink

But mostly there was laughter and joy and story telling and sorrow sharing.  There was surprise when a face was attached to a commenter (Hi, Leah!) and there was sympathy and understanding - whether the subject was increasing readership or a personal tragedy.  

Ben's Bells has a way of doing that to people.

Neatness didn't count... at least as far as my fingers were concerned.... and that was a good thing.  

Chicago Gal washed her hands carefully after we were finished.  

I took my paint home as a special memento.

Mom It Forward is coming to Tucson - bloggers doing a good deed once a month, sharing love and laughter, gifts and hugs, and getting out from behind the computer to see who the rest of us are.

Thanks, Becca, for including me.


  1. I'm SO happy that you came, and that I was able to meet you! Thank YOU for coming! You were able to sit with some of my dearest friends, and I'm so glad that you all met and were able to share stories.

    I can't wait for the next one!

  2. Oh man, how did I miss this? I mean I couldn't have made it, I was in surgery but it sure sounds like fun. Maybe next time? Is it by invite only?

  3. I'll be sure Becca includes you in the next one - people were mentioning your blog yesterday, gfg.

  4. Sounds like an ideal afternoon, AB. I was in my own garden, driving away the blues. They arrived unbidden for a day or two; and I was determined to send 'em packing. I suspect your activities could have done the same.
    Happy Wednesday!

  5. AB, this sounds and looks like it was soooo much fun. I love doing crafts. They are so relaxing. Unfortunately, lately I've been too busy to do anything related to crafts. :(

  6. What a terrific group!! We have some special bloggers here in my area also (Raleigh-Durham, NC) and I love meeting them.

  7. What a great way to spend the afternoon!! Nothing like the company of fellow Bloggers!...debbie

  8. You are all SO right - it was a perfect afternoon with perfect strangers :)

    You were all there in spirit, I can tell.

  9. Becca is my DAUGHTER!!!!!! Yup, Gramma Teetsie can still be proud of a 30+ year old......And bird poop in the hair? That is good luck

  10. Molly McCoy KoenigMarch 23, 2011 at 5:20 PM

    Ashleigh, I am so pleased to have spent the afternoon with you and Chicago Gal and our whole table full of pretty amazing ladies. Thank you.

    and Grandma Teetsie, who said bird poop in the hair was good luck? I've never heard that ... but Amanda will be glad to hear it. :)

  11. Great story about a great plan. Wonder if there is any such thing like this in Fresno?

    Oh, and I am jealous (for now) of your weather. We are having blustery cold rain storms that have turned spring upside down. Oh my.

  12. I'm regretting not meeting you officially :)I was a table over. Sigh- maybe next time. I really like your first paragraph and I know that my social awkwardness got the best of me this time- but it won't the next!

    It was a lovely day and I am thankful for your lovely post.

    See you around the blogosphere!
    Warmest regards,

    P.S. My friend Amanda got pooped on during the group shot. I'll have to tell her it was good luck :)

  13. That does sound like it was so much fun.

  14. It was a pleasure to meet you, a/b...I'm kinda proud of myself for resisting the urge to hug you. :)

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