Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fabulous Women

I know some pretty fabulous women.  Really, I do.

Roomie started her new job today, a job she pursued over many long months of unemployment.  She was resolute and resourceful and always up-beat.  If she was worried she didn't show it.  If she was frightened we never knew it.  She was the party planner, gift organizer, grandma-extraordinaire she'd always been, and we were lucky to be the beneficiaries of her love.

Mei-Mei deals with brain surgery and a job she hates and her face is wreathed in the glow of those who are loved.  The man in her life stepped up to the plate in a big time way and the joy is contagious.  She, like me, battles demons of her own, beasties lurking just beneath the surface, ready to pounce without a moment's notice.  We both do our best to pretend they aren't there.  Most of the time we're successful. When I fail, it's nice to know she's at the other end of the ether.

My still-blond-new-old-friend sent an email that brought tears and a deep sigh.  I'm reminded of time that was wasted wishing that things were different.  I'm reminded of unrealized potential traded for social success.  I'm astonished at her openness and delighted that she's invited me for tea.  I knew I liked her - she doesn't drink coffee either.

JannyLou Farkle is the matriarch of the Farkle clan and the best next door neighbor a shootee could have.  She and her husband, Fast Eddie, have been sharing her bad news and her scary news and her good news and her worrisome news and her anxious news and then her very very good news with us over the last few weeks.  She's appropriately peeved at the situation and commendably strong in her approach and now she's asleep under the same kind of gooshy blanky that I received from Marin friends three months ago.  It's good to be able to share the joy.

Chicago Gal is more than a bowler.  She's a painter and a gardener and a ceramicist and a person who can be counted on in a pinch.  She's up when I'm up and down when I'm down and takes better care of me than I do of myself.  All I have to do is ask and she's on it.

And then there's Imelda, my newest found friend.  Ours began as a professional relationship, but by the end of our first face to face meeting we had adopted one another.  This afternoon we spent a nice long time talking as we were fondling footwear at J Gilbert and driving across the street to the Safeway.  "Are you sure?"  "Yeah, why not?" That's how comfortable we are together. 

And there are more, denizens.  So many many many more.

Rocky called to tell me that she is proud of herself.
Seret is reaffirming her positive outlook on life.
Little Cuter is shedding the Wedding Bell Blues.
Amster's hitting her stride and we're counting the days til we're in the gym together again.

I am healing.  Is it any wonder that that is so?  Just look at my surroundings.


  1. Surrounding yourself with such strong, beautiful women is a testament to the person you are. I always think we choose our friends because they are who we want to be or who we are (but we don't really know it). And until something really bad happens, that's when you know who your real friends are. They stand with you no matter what. It's nice to be surrounded by that type of love.

  2. Yes!
    Friends and cohorts help clear the pebbles from our paths; and pick us up when we trip, then fall, over those unexpected stones.

  3. Sounds like you two have some pretty fabulous women in your lives, too!

  4. Makes me realize I need more women friends in my life! There once was a time when I had an abundance of them and I think I was far happier for it. These days, I have plenty of acquaintances that I see regularly, but few with whom I'm comfortable to let it all hang out. And when was the last time you used that phrase?

    So glad for those good women who lift you up and love you up! We Denizens are so grateful!

  5. I need more too. Most of my friends are busier than I am (younger, too)and I need them more often than they are able.

  6. You have some amazing friends. And what is life, really, without amazing people to surround yourself with?

  7. You may not know this, but I think you have helped a whole bunch of people begin to look at their lives and their friends and their "realities" differently. I for one, although I have never met you, just know you are a terrific person, strong, upbeat, determined. And I feel like every time I read your posts I get to know a little more about you, yes, but recognize a little more about me and about the people who follow you--the denizens out there. It's lovely being in such an intelligent group of people and inspiring as well.

    Thanks for sharing yourself. I'm not the same person without that.

  8. I can tell you are healing, because you are looking at your surroundings.


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