Monday, February 12, 2024

I Watched the Super Bowl

I watched the Super Bowl so you didn't have to.  These are my thoughts as they unfold.
Yes, Taylor Swift is there.  She's wearing a black top with spaghetti straps.  
Did you see that?  It was really funny.  

That was my reminder that the commercials are going to be the best part of the evening.  
There was, as always, the Adoration of America.  It being the Super Bowl and all, there were not one, not two, but three songs.

I should know more about Lift Every Voice and Sing.

America the Beautiful is a wonderful song.  Unfortunately, I couldn't watch or listen.  The singer was unkempt, which would have been bad enough, but his face was covered with tattoos.  Who decided to normalize that during the Super Bowl. (Yes, I'm being judgemental)

By the time they got around to Reba McIntyre and The Star Spangled Banner all I could feel was relief.
He gets us runs ads that I'm glad to watch.
The website is worth a look.
There are many famous people in unusual situations, disarmingly while hawking products I can rarely remember.  Christopher Walken and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito have fun with their accents.  Messi plays with a soccer ball on the beach.  

Walken was selling BMW's, Messi a beer on tap, and it's only because the commercial makes fun of Arnold's inability to pronounce neighbor that I remembered it was for State Farm.
The first quarter ended 0-0.  

There were turnovers and incomplete passes and nothing to make my 9'ers fans happy,
Carl Weathers appeared in a commercial, which ran his dates as the final frame.  

I don't remember the product; I felt good about it, though.
The second quarter featured passes, long and precise, from both quarterbacks.  Some were caught.  Fumbles and near fumbles, intentional grounding, a torn achilles from excessive celebrating on the sidelines - not everyone was having a great day.

It's a violent sport, but slapping your opponent on the helmet while staring him down is frowned upon, especially by the referee standing next to you.  When that gives your opponent ten yards and an automatic first down, setting up a trick play l lisand a touch down, it's time for the defense to have a talk.
There's a new soda, called Poppi.  It comes in very colorful cans.

RFKjr made a terrifyingly effective ad, repeating KENNEDY over and over and over again, in song and print hearkening back to the '60's.
The half ended with San Francisco ahead of the Chiefs, 10-3.
I'm sure I'll listen to Usher's half time show, and we'll watch the second half.  But I'm hungry for chicken chili and it's hard to type and eat dinner.

I'll be back with more tomorrow.


  1. I watched too, all of it. I liked a few of the commercials. I too was relieved when we finally got to Reba. The halftime show was interesting, but not my kind of music. Usher grabbing Alisha was inappropriate. Nore later.

    1. So much was aimed at an audience that was Not Me.


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