Tuesday, February 20, 2024

A Bee is Buzzing

Do you play Spelling Bee in the NYTimes Games app? It's six letters surrounding a seventh in the center. The idea is to make as many words (4 letters or more) using the outer letters as many times as you want, but always including the center layer.

The game gives you mottivation along the way, letting you move from Good Start to Moving Up, Nice, Good, Great, Amazing, and Genius. SIR and I share our scores when we hit Genius, which is more often than not. It's a lovely way to occupy my brain while washing dishes or folding laundry. I move the letters around in my head, surprising myself when a word pops up. As we've commented more than once, this is sometimes an all day game.

The Times gives you hints in The Spelling Bee Forum. It also heads that column every day with a different picture of bees, sent in by readers. Today, while deep watering my Meyer Lemon tree, the one that decided to set blooms after every other lemon tree in the land has produced its entire crop, I saw an opportunity to joihn their ranks.

The smell was deliciously sweet. The bees were everywhere, though they moved away from wherever I chose to stand. I figured that out after a while and stood still. This is what came into view

There's more deeper in there.

If I get really deep, there's even more.

Okay, I'll just put my whole self in there and turn over and revel in it.

I'm going to submit them to the paper.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. Great bee photos! I haven't played that particular game, but I love Connections.

    1. Connections makes me crazy.... trying to get into someone else's head. And when it's modern musical groups as a connection it's hopeless!

    2. Absolutely, "...trying to get into someone else's head." I only managed 2 of the 4 yesterday and only 1 today, so far.

  2. Great photos!
    I only do Wordle and then Jumble in the newspaper.


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