Wednesday, October 4, 2023

That's A Squash

Yes, it is.

From the garden center at Lowe's to Grandma's Garden at Prince, carefully planted and nurtured by the upper grades, Tuesday's surprise was waiting when I opened the garden gate.

Kindergarten and first grade were all about the digging and the planting of Toota-Toota-Tube seeds

           one seed per toilet paper tube

to notice it, but that all changed when the big kids arrived.

Several of them were gathered around their raised bed, peering closely at what they planted in September. I walked over as the scholars discussed the squash they had growing at home, in their own grandma's gardens, and how good they are to eat.

Others looked on in amazement. 

That little flower,

those little buds,

will turn into a big squash?

That flower will be a tomato

or a bell pepper?

Yes.  They will all mature and grow and become more delightful and delicious with every passing week.  And then, we will eat them.

Farm to table is getting closer all the time.


  1. Replies
    1. It's our first successful crop in ages! And we have lemon balm and basil (Italian and purple) and lemon grass to munch on while we wait.

  2. I love it, and with that warm Arizona air, you can grow veggies all school-year long!

    1. Yes, we are planting our tomatoes while everyone else is deadheading theirs. With climate change, who knows what will happen as the seasons change, but, for now, we're hopeful.


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