Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Saying Goodbye

Giblet could not do it.  

FlapJilly was able to hug, but her face reflected what we were all feeling.  

It's hard to say goodbye.

Nobody cried.  Little Cuter reminded us that we'll be together again in two months and a few days.  That wasn't enough to satisfy the littlest one.  He buried his face in a pile of blankets and whispered that he didn't want us to go.

We don't want to leave, either.

The leaves are turning here. There are fields of cornstalks, harvested or waiting for the thresher, everywhere you look.  It's cool enough to go outside.  Four of the people we love the most are here.

It should be hard to leave.

But their lives are busy and there's not much free time to hang out with grandparents. If we lived closer, we could drop in for a quick kiss before soccer practice. Instead, we will rely on video calls and written love notes sent through the mail.

And we'll count the days until we meet them at the airport.

It's hard to be so far away.


  1. I have experienced this with my grands when you lived far away. Cherish the moments.

  2. Yes, cherish every moment. Once middle school and high school years come, the busyness multiplies, exponentially. I'm sure you remember from when your kids were in those grades. I am so happy that Leeya has her own phone now so I can text her directly. I'm considering offering to buy Judah a phone, but I know his parents want to wait, so I am honoring their rules, for now.

    1. I've been sending postcards their way, and video calls help so much, but the hugs.....


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