Thursday, October 26, 2023

Random Thoughts

It's Random Thoughts because that's all I can manage right now.  Jet lag and altitude and age are a wicked combination.  

We don't know if it's noon or nine or three up here, where the air really is thinner.  A regular deep breath doesn't fully fill my lungs, and my body is noticing it.


It seems that the Lying Liar got spanked in court today.  Like the petulant man-child that he is, he didn't like what he heard so he stormed out of the room and said mean things about the judge.  

Unfortunately for him, the law is more powerful than anything he's encountered before.  He sat where he was told to sit and listened as he was told that he was a lying liar and that there were financial damages to be paid.  

I wonder what his poor brain is doing right now.  His world is scrambled eggs.


Yesterday it rained for a while, just enough to release the creosote smell and the ionization.  

It was breezy and in the 70's today, 51 when I walked outside this morning.  Of course, the sun was out.

I didn't mind bundling up in a sweatshirt or wearing my car coat or hustling to the car through raindrops when we were in Indiana, but it's nice when the weather is an enhancement.


In that same vein, Tucson is the only place I've lived where temperatures in the upper 70's are considered cool.

The main sign that summer is over, though?  

We've turned off the heater in the pool. 


I searched for TV Series To Binge Watch and found LUPIN on Netflix.  It's a story within a story, or it would be if I had read the books.  The homage is explicit.  The writing never lets you feel antsy without a dollop of sweetness following just in time.  All the actors are absolutely perfect.

And if you have never seen or heard Omar Sy 

you are in for a treat.  

Watch it in French with subtitles.  The dubbing sounds like the Hallmark Channel.  The French is mesmerizing.



  1. I do enjoy it when you carry on about the Lying Liar. Scrambled eggs indeed. Hee Hee. Maybe his head will burst.


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