Friday, September 29, 2023

The Artist's Mother

Not-Kathy and I drove to Tempe to visit JannyLou and Fast Eddie in their new digs.  Their version of senior living resembles a 5 star Hyatt more than an old folks home.  There's a spa, a woodworking shop, a fully stocked art room, a cozy bar/pool table/big tv room and a more intimate room with a poker table surrounded by comfy arm chairs.  There's a beauty parlor and an auditorium, several restaurants, indoor parking with valet service, and the most fabulous light fixtures everywhere you turn.

After his last hospitalization, Fast Eddie spent a week in the on-site rehab facility, in a private room just an elevator ride away from JannyLou.  He had no complaints.  (That alone is the most important take-away.... who doesn't complain about the care they receive in rehab?)

After a delicious lunch served in one of the restaurants available on site, Fast Eddie took a nap and the girls went to Butterfly Wonderland.  

The butterflies were wonderful.

But we were there for the art.
Hidden among the plants, ceramic flowers on welded metal stems 

smiled at us at every turn.  We smiled right back.
Jim Holbert was commissioned by the Wonderland to install his creations.  He happens to be JannyLou's son.  We've admired his work at her house; this was the first time we'd seen them as an exhibit.  It was a lot more fun.

Do you think this is real? another patron wondered aloud.  We were happy to tell her the true origion story, and watch her gasp when we got to the she's his mother part of the story.

It's fun to watch a friend bask in the reflected glory of her child's achievements.

The larger pieces demanded more attention.
This one appeared out of the foliage several times before we followed the path around to a spot that was perfect for closer inspection.
This one grew more complex the more we looked.
Those three butterflies are real - red, blue and yellow seeking nectar where there is none.
If they were hungry, they should have flown over to the buffet in the corner.
That's one small part of a larger feast, lovingly cut into bite size.... suck-size?... pieces.

It was a wonderful if expensive experience..


  1. Jim Holbert's work is very very good. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, what fun. Wish I could have been along for the trip.

  3. Wonderful news about the new digs for your friends, and how cool that her son's art was on display in such a beautiful setting!

  4. That is just the kind of place I love to go to.


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