Wednesday, September 13, 2023

It Rained!

Both TBG and Taos Bubbe were awakened by a gigantic flash of lightning at 4:30 this morning.  It was followed by a choo-choo train's worth of thunder.

I, of course, slept through the whole thing.

The difference this time was that all that noise and electricity was followed by rain.  Real rain this time,  not seven drops over five minutes.  The down spouts were redistributing streams of water.  They weren't' the torrents of a true monsoon, but there was enough run off to fill the troughs leading out to the open space beyond.

I drove to get my fasting lab blood work done with the windshield wipers doing their magic.  I drove home the same way.  

TBG took me to breakfast and I wore my purple suede loafers.  I forgot about puddles in parking lots.  It's a good thing I can leap over them now.  The rain just kept coming.  

It rained when I drove to Pilates but it was only drizzling when I came out.  That was enough to keep the Prince-lings inside for recess so Taos Bubbe and I decided to take advantage of the rain-fueled cooler temperature and walk under the clouds.

The mile out was perfect.  A little breeze, clouds hiding the sun, a raindrop here and there to amuse us.  It was lovely.  

Then, the sun came out.

The clouds were burned away.  The temperature rose.  The humidity was no longer 100%.  (That was when it was raining.)  Instead, it was 98% and we were walking through it.  I could barely see through the sweat rolling down my face. My shirt was stuck to my front and my back.  My tights felt like they were glued on.

We decided to turn around at the milepost.  It was a wise decision.  

We skipped lunch.  We both wanted a shower more than food.

The tree that refuses to thrive had tiny green sprouts on some of the branches when I drove down the driveway. The succulents are happier than they were yesterday.  I was sweaty enough not to mind deadheading before I stood under the cold water and washed away the grime.

It rained.  


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