Monday, September 25, 2023

Breaking the Rules

There are certain things I count on.  

For example:

  • My children will answer the telephone if I call instead of texting.  They recognize that something is up if I'm using the phone the way Alexander Graham Bell intended.
  • In every episode of Law and Order, 20 minutes after the hour the criminal has been identified and the hunt is on.
  • The school bus drives past my window every morning and every afternoon at just about the same time.
  • Mysteries finish with the solution to the crime at hand.
When things go awry, I become stressed.  I'm not a big fan of chaos or change.  I like knowing what I'm getting into.  

Why am I telling you this?  Because I'm aggravated right now, after finishing a YA book I didn't realize was a YA book until I looked at the spine when the writing seems just a little off.  The TEEN marking above MYSTERY explained it all.  There was kissing angst and clothing angst and parent angst with little lessons stuck in between the action.  I was enjoying the story and not at all embarrassed by the fact that I was holding a children's book; The Fault in Our Stars is one of my favorite stories.

I curled up in my chair and joined the kids at the private school hidden away in the mountains of Vermont, a cozy mystery with interesting characters.  Maureen Johnson is apparently a prolific YA novelist, and her Truly, Devious is the hole into which I fell.  

It was a lovely hole.  The print was large enough.  The book itself was brand new.  The writing was crisp and, sometimes, surprisingly deep.  The mystery came closer and closer to a solution..... and then she stopped.

In media res.  The book ended.  I'm bereft.  

In searching out the link, I discovered that Truly, Devious is the first in a 5 series opus.  There was no such designation on the book itself.  I continued to be peeved.  Shifting my search to the Pima County Library site, I found that I could reserve the physical books without any problem.  The ebooks, however, were all in use, with waiting lists.

I'm left with two thoughts: 
  •  I really really really want to know what happens next and I want to know NOW.
  •  I'm thwarted in that endeavor because teens read books on-line
There are certain rules that should not be broken.  


  1. You make me laugh...put the hardback books on hold and go the physical library and get the physical books. You have the time and the ability to do so. The younger readers...maybe not so much.

    1. As of this morning, I have the rest of the series available at my local library, plus a few other books I wanted to read. Feast or famine, it seems!


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