Friday, September 8, 2023

I'm Done

We were up late.  I was up and out early. 

It was just too hot to be outside, even with my gigantic thermal water bottle keeping me hydrated.

To-Go-Cup for comparison purposes only

Triple digits on the thermometer at 5 in the afternoon could not deter me.  I lolled on the pool mat, doing leg and ab work while letting my mind drift.  I lasted about 20 minutes.  

My brain and my body are fried - literally and figuratively.  I'm going to watch Coco Gauff play tennis (once the protester is removed from the scene) and regroup.  

Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend if you can, and spare a thought for the parents of young children, who never really have a day off at all.


  1. I am spending Friday afternoon on the couch,'s been a week. Monday we drove home from the Bay Area. Tuesday was grocery shopping and cardiology appointment. Wednesday and Thursday I was back at Columbia. There are four--FOUR--second grade classes this year and when Thursday afternoon comes to an end, I am DONE. Today I went grocery shopping and did laundry. I'm staying home on Saturday. I've got to rest up for next week!

  2. Sometimes I take a break from watching news and lately I feel the need to avoid watching the weather as well.


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