Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Lids, vol.2

I've been complaining about it for a while. 

I wrote about it  last week.  

The situation isn't getting any better.  Not-Kathy and Dr. K watched the Notre Dame/Ohio State game with us on Saturday.  The game began at 4:30.  Snacks were called for, and Costco provided.  Mini peppers and tiny, multicolored tomatoes and salted pretzels and Coastal Aged Cheddar (another COstco favorite) and roasted-unsalted almonds covered the coffee table.

I smiled at the presentation, then realized I'd forgotten the main course (is there a main course when you're serving snacks?). 

The plastic lid came off in a snap (cue laughter... it really did make a snapping noise) because the Lift Here tab was clearly evident.  But, as evidenced above, the little foil tab on the cocktail sauce was reluctant to leave the nest.

Pinching is hard with my bent forefinger.  I was able to grasp the edge, but pulling it up just separated the tab from the rest of the top.  I cursed, I tore at it again, and then, following the advice Olga  and Carol left in the comments, I took a sharp steak knife and went at it.

I'm not going to tell you how long it took.  It's embarrassing.  There were little silver pieces randomly attached to the cup.  I planned to pour the sauce into a prettier container but I was so aggravated by the whole thing that I just took it to the coffee table and sat down in a huff.

This getting old stuff is starting to interfere with my social life.

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