Wednesday, September 28, 2022

He's 4

Little Cuter called.  Giblet had something to share with us.  Were we available for a video conference with our 4 year old?

It took a while to turn on my phone and figure out how to make the call include our faces but I got there eventually and we tuned in to see a very happy little boy and a very soft and round panda bear, Bob the Bear, to be precise.

Everyone will get a chance to take Bob home and document their adventures.  What adventures could Bob look forward to tonight?

I'm going to read this book to him   

Apparently, talking to grandparents is also an adventure, and Little Cuter snapped a photo

to include on the pages that Giblet would contribute to the journal which accompanies Bob the Bear.  We were privileged to view it.  

Here's Avery's picture.... here's Lucia's picture..... This is Thomas (interjection from Little Cuter - Thomas the friend at school, not the dog at home).... this is Leo's...

And so it went, each page carefully turned and thoughtfully attributed and described.  We were appropriately appreciative of each student's contribution until there weren't any more pages to turn and he closed the book, leaned into the screen, reached out his pointer finger for the red button and said, Okay, bye!

Apparently the conversation was over.  

He had shared what needed to be shared and he was done.  

We were giggling uncontrollably as Little Cuter grabbed the phone so that FlapJilly could make silly faces at us.  Giblet continued trying to hang up.  He was done.  Time to move on, people. 

We all agreed.  He's 4.


  1. Replies
    1. We felt honored that he shared with us and delighted with his idea of boundaries!
      a /b

  2. Absolutely wonderful, and a young man with a purpose who can move on when the purpose has been completed! I love it. Our granddaughter facetimes her grandfather and they watch cartoons together, something I have no patience for, but Terry can sit for hours listening to her quoting lines from various cartoons and finding "just one more."

    1. He is a wonderful young man. And, like Terry, I'd watch cartoons all day long with the grands!

  3. I'm envious. Will your grands still want to chat when they are 17 and 19? Mine don't.


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