Thursday, September 23, 2021

Happy Anniversary to My Indiana Grown Ups

I don't know, Mama, I think it's clay.

That was Little Cuter's thought on the traditional gift to celebrate 9 years of marital bliss.  TBG and I sent them clip on shoes for their Peleton .... last month.... when she showed us the hole she'd worn in her sneakers on the bike.... when TBG began his you need the proper equipment rant....when I thought that cycling shoes were exactly what they needed for their anniversary.

It's a good thing I thought of it then; the 22nd crept up on me without warning.  

There's a new video gaming console and there's chocolate and there is lots and lots of love as the four of them party the night away.  Maybe not their usual celebration, but they looked pretty happy on FaceTime this afternoon.

Nine years ago right now we were gathering for a sunset wedding.  The temperatures were cool enough, the breeze was warm enough, the fairy lights and the smiling faces were equally alight.  It was one of the best nights of my life.

Though I still call them the kids, they are definitely adults..... as my daughter loudly pronounced when I laughed about Mario Kart appearing on her television:

Mom, I'm an adult.  I can play whenever I want.


  1. Mama - you had an issue with Mortal Kombat, not Mario! "None of my quarters will pay for that violence!". Thanks for the love :)

    1. Yes I did have issues with Mortal Kombat. But you had Mario on the screen when you said that. And besides, MY little girl would never play Mortal Kombat, with the exploding heads and flying body parts.
      a/b aka Mama

  2. They will always be your kids. We just add new generations of kids, called grandkids.


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