Thursday, September 16, 2021

Changing Your Hair Color On TV

We really like Nicolle Wallace.  We like her voice, we like her mind, we like her mom-itude and her admission of responsibility and doing penance for Sarah Palin.  She kept us company all thru Pandemica 1.0, giving us something to do while we waited for our daily mid-afternoon call with the grandkids at their dinnertime.  

After a few months, we began to notice her clothes - specifically, the orange and brown blouse which complements her hair and her cheekbones.  

Then we began to fixate on her hair.  Working from home hair, going into the studio hair, having a long day hair, just curled hair - we were all over it.  We weren't judging, we were noticing.  Some we liked more than others, but underneath it all was her refreshingly candid commentary and her insistence on making her point, so her outside was less important than her inside.

All of that is to say that we are not entirely weird when we spend much longer than you'd think we would analyzing her hair color this week.  I didn't recognize her at first.  The next day it was all roots and not a lot of streaks.  Then it was too light.  Today, it is too dark.

I've never colored my hair, but I've lived among women for nearly 70 years, so I've heard the stories.  Getting the color right,  as in She tried but she didn't.... or I'm going back because she didn't... or other variations on the theme.   I get that it's an issue.

I've just never seen it played out in real time on television.


  1. I like Nicole Wallace too but I have never watched her show. We only watch Rachel on MSNBC. Maybe I need to check out Nicole, at least for her hair. Rachel, of course, always looks exactly the same. No clothes or hair do to study. :-)

    1. Rachel is the least "ME" person on tv. Her voice is all I need. I could listen to her read aloud forever.

  2. My comments on Nicolle’s hair is she needs to cut it shorter and make it lighter .she looked so much better with it shorter. My sister and I love her show but she is begining to look Raggy to me .


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