Thursday, September 30, 2021

Flying Critters

The moths cover the glass on our front door, attracted by the light in the foyer inside.

The little yellow moths/butterflies travel in pairs.  I thought they were playing.  Scarlet opined that they were mating.  Whichever it is, they are rarely found alone.

Monarchs are few and far between, but they are here.  Other, somewhat smaller and less colorful butterflies are also making an appearance.  

The no-see-ums, tiny red crawling up your leg things, must have been flying this afternoon.  I found one half way up my leg.

The tiny black pin head sized beasties were swarming around my sweaty head as I watered the trees this afternoon.  They drove me inside.  I'm not cooking on the bbq tonight unless the wind picks up and blows them away.

There are butterflies drowned in our pool, floating amidst the leaves.

There are 6" dragonflies but, surprisingly, no yellow jackets at all.  Every summer but this one we've had them as visitors when we swam.  I have no explanation.

A turkey vulture is cruising the thermals above our neighborhood, occasionally swooping low over our patio and scaring the bejeezus out of us.  Its 4 or 5 foot wingspan makes quite an impression when its just outside your window.

Best of all, there was a hummingbird by my side as I watered the sweet acacia late yesterday afternoon.  She fluttered just to my left, investigating the spray from the hose, I suppose.  I stood still and cast only my eyes in her direction.  Her wings made a tiny tiny tiny breeze.... or was that my imagination enhancing the experience?  

I'll ask the owl nesting in JannyLou's tree tonight when she hoots.


  1. Birds and bees and butterflies, so nice. Itty bitty bugs, not so nice.

    1. All we need is a tiny breeze... but it feels churlish to complain when the temperatures are so perfect right now.


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