Tuesday, June 29, 2021

What's The Rush?

Yesterday's post poked a bubble I've been bobbling for a while.  Carole said that since Covid, nothing seems urgent any more.  There are appointments to keep, but tasks and errands and much of what used to pass for everyday life is less pressing.

I really ought to go into the studio and resume my thrice weekly Pilates membership.  I'm marginally resistant because of the transmissibility of the Delta variant and my desire to visit the grandkids next month, but mostly I'm feeling okay with swimming every day and the Pilates Diva's Thursday morning studio session and push ups........ none of which impose themselves on my calendar. (except the Pilates Diva - but she's more of a gift than an assignment).

My empty calendar brings me great joy.  

I am surprised when things pop up. Unless I'm listening for my phone to beep and remind me that I have an event scheduled,  my participation in the random Zoom event cannot be counted upon.  I'm always sorry to miss these things.  I'm never sorry that I spent an afternoon existing without constraints.

Little Cuter is on her first month long vacation from work or school since she was 12 years old.  Today, because what had been scheduled for all day was finished (brilliantly) by noon.  She took a nap.  The kids were at camp, SIR was working, and she and Thomas the Wonder Dog slept. 

That's the feeling I embraced during Pandemica.  

Hmmmm, that couch looks very comfortable right now...

And when there is no one to say ye nay, how very much more comfortable that sofa becomes.

This may be a lesson learned.


  1. "My empty calendar brings me great joy" - exactly what I think! I need to go into town this week FOUR days in a row (shopping before hubby's surgery, two medical appts of my own, then picking hubby up from surgery) and I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to next week when I will get to stay home each day! And possibly even the week after before hubby's outpatient PT starts. I do NOT look forward to seeing too many things on the calendar!

    1. The question is - how do we stay involved in the world while retaining control over our time.


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