Thursday, June 24, 2021

Happy 2-Month-versary

 She loves that our Zoom name for weekly trivia is Queen T's In-Laws.

He uses the words my wife in every conversation.

It's more than love.  That's obvious to everyone who comes into their orbit.  There's always a smile, a rub, a kiss, a how ya doin' in there.  I've never doubted that for a moment.

I'm talking about how they are embracing the marriage itself.  

They could have lived together forever; we'd still have loved her as our own.  But they were emphatic about making a legal commitment.  They wanted the world to acknowledge their union. 

It meant something to them when they broached the idea of a Pandemic Wedding.  Being married was important and they didn't want to wait any longer.

Two months in, they still seem to feel the same way. 

 It's really fun to watch.


  1. Very sweet. I am looking forward to my step granddaughter's wedding in October. I missed her brother's a couple of years ago. The last wedding I attended was my daughters in 1998!

    1. There was so much love in the air - a welcome change from Pandemcia


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